Tuesday, June 23, 2015

life lately . . .

A LOT has happened since I blogged last, so here is a very quick and condensed version of the last year.

We found out that we were moving to  S e a t t l e !

We had about a month to prepare for the move and Earl was gone already working in Seattle for three of those weeks. It was a really, really, really stressful month for me. I was solo parenting, patching dings and holes in the walls, touching up paint, decluttering and photographing the house to try and get it to sell. We ended up renting it, but having to clean up for showings while trying to pack the entire house was extremely problematic. I seriously hate moving!

In between the move and Thanksgiving, the twins turned FOUR! They love everything My Little Pony and dreamed up these cakes I made for them. Stella's is the purple cake (with fresh strawberry cake and strawberry frosting) and Olivia's is the pink cake that is also strawberry on strawberry.

I also got a glimpse into what teenager Stella is going to look like:

We had one weekend to say goodbye to everyone, move and get family pictures done, like we do every year in November. We were so lucky our favorite photographer Stephanie Ryan was able to squeeze us in!

We got to Seattle after a looooooooong drive and lived without any of our possessions for a week before our moving truck got here. Ezra was a champ sleeping in his portable crib and even let me rock him to sleep one night while we were sitting on the floor. That boy and his sweetness...

Week after week the kids were back to back sick. Poor Ezra got the brunt of it...

As did Livie...

Once everyone was better Ezra got his first buzz cut...

And Stella's hair started getting wavy.

The girls got their new room all set up with their many dress-ups...

and new beds for their dolls.

We had a beautiful Christmas...

...and the girls loved their new nightgowns I made for them.

We bought zoo passes and got up close and personal with a peacock.

Ezra has really loved that his Daddy comes home every night and doesn't travel 2-3 weeks a month anymore!

I ordered Ez a teepee and he loved it so much that he slept in it the first night...

He's been majorly obsessed with stickers and can entertain himself for hours with them.

We took a ferry boat ride to Whidbey Island and fell in love with that little island.

The tulips bloomed and we had to see what all of the fuss was about...

I let the kids pick out some tulips to take home and Stella took hers to just about every room she went to.

Olivia got contacts and has been enjoying the world of sunglasses...

We've spent a lot of time exploring our new city and falling in love with the Pacific Northwest.

My mom, sister and niece were able to come and visit for a little bit and it was so nice having them up here for a few days. 

I've been making the girls some new dresses and toying with the idea of bringing them to the shop...

We've been spending some long afternoons at the beach and have been loving every minute...

The ferry boat to and fro is definitely a highlight!

I've started painting again and have been loving it even more than before.

I have a designated room in the house for my studio and it's been so nice having my dining room table back for just eating and no sewing!

This peg board makes my perfectionism and tidy tendencies SING.

Another sewing machine has made it's way to the fleet and that brings the total up to...four.

We don't have schedules and watch cartoons in my bed every morning, so we're kind of loving this little season in life before life gets busy. 


  1. love seeing your new life unfold

  2. So beautiful!! Welcome back!! Been following your blog for years!


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