Tuesday, December 17, 2013

the twins are three!

my sweet and sassy little twins are three.

when i was writing ezra's birth story post, i went through photos from when we were in the hospital and could believe how little and young the twins seemed! they were wearing teeny little 18 month leggings {i remember weird things} and it was before olivia's first REAL haircut. they were still in diapers! {yup, they're finally potty trained! woohoo!} looking back i'm surprised at how surprised i am at how young they were. it's like the cliche of cliches. it just blows my mind because now they're talking in rambling paragraphs and say things like, "you're crazy, mom!" {yes! ALREADY! heaven help me for the teenage years.}

i was originally planning a fun play date birthday party for them, but the days were flying by and hurdling toward their birthday before i could even think of a design for an invitation. we just got back from a three day trip to disneyland {more on that later} and i wanted to just have a fun and laid back day with them. so we stayed home and they helped me make their cakes and just hung out before they went out with their daddy. {ezra likes to take one nap from 12-4 every day, so it limits our daytime outings. earl travels a lot during the week and gets to spend some nice 2-on-1 time with his girls on the weekends.}

olivia loves wall-e and robots, so i got her a cute wall-e figurine for her cake. she requested a pink cake, so i made her a vanilla cake with fresh raspberry buttercream. it was yummmmmmy.

stella loves cats, so naturally her cake topper was a bunch of little cats. she wanted a white cake, so she got a vanilla cake with cream cheese buttercream. another totally yummy cake.

whenever i meet adult twins, i always ask them about what bothered them about being a twin. one time a girl told me how she hated that she always had to share her birthday cake with her twin. i vowed then that my girls would always have their own cakes. they already have to share so much, more than traditional siblings, so their own cake on their birthday seemed totally doable. i bought some 6" round cake tins for their 2nd birthday and think i probably should have invested in some 4" ones. haha. there's always so much cake afterward!

i bought a ton of fun beads from this etsy shop to make necklaces with the girls. i got their capelets and stella's kitty cat dress from joyfolie. these girls LOVE balloons, so i got them some fun "3" balloons to run around with.

they had such a fun day. i'm so happy they are so easy to please at this age! i'm looking forward to them learning and growing more this year. after their birthday we learned that olivia is extremely farsighted and needs to wear glasses all day, every day. we had no idea that nearly everything she was seeing was incredibly blurry. i'm happy she has glasses now and can't wait to see her world literally open up for her. below is a video of her getting her glasses put on for the first time. it warms my heart and makes me want to cry at the same time. we are so lucky to have good doctors and the ability to get her the glasses she needs.

{this video made it to the popular page on instagram! that cutie pie!}

{photo from stephanie ryan photography}

stella didn't want to pose for any pictures for me on her birthday because she wanted to play inside with her balloon. stella says the silliest phrases to me all the time and she loves jumping around and climbing on ANYTHING. the girls have been in dance {ballet and tap} since the beginning of summer and i'm excited to get them into gymnastics. i have a feeling that stella will really, really love it. 

i'm a better person having these girls in my life and am challenged by them every day. i love them to the moon and back. happy third birthday, stella and olivia!

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