Thursday, December 26, 2013

santa came to town!

this year is the first year the twins have really grasped who santa is, so it was fun playing along and telling them about santa claus this holiday season. they still don't really know why he gives presents to kids, but they love him for doing it! on christmas eve we went to my sister's house for dinner and decorated cupcakes for baby Jesus' (made up, haha) birthday. we also brought down the nativity scene and told them the story of Jesus' birth and then watched this video.

the girls LOVE to dress up in fancy dresses and are so mad when i never let them sleep in them. i've been looking online for cute nightgowns, but never found any that were super cute and less than $50 each (seriously?!). their room gets quite warm in the summer and winter, so they don't need thick and heavy sleepwear, so these little nightgowns i made them are perfect. they couldn't love them more! they took them off for their bath last night, but i'm not ashamed to admit that they still have them on. the bodice is from this pattern, but i changed it a little bit. instead of silk i used cotton and didn't add the tulle or flower broach. 

santa brought the girls games and wooden toys.

and candy, of course.

olivia wears glasses all day, every day, but i'm kind of glad she wasn't wearing them in these photos. she is absolutely adorable in her glasses, but there's something about a little face right after they've awoken from a good sleep. like this picture below of olivia. she looks so beautiful. there's one below of stella too. they're such sweet little girls.

the twins and i went out on a mommy/daughter date before christmas and picked out some toys for ezra. we settled on this police car (just like papa used to have) and a really cool radio flyer ride-on car that transforms into a scooter when ezra's a little older.

this girl is always on the move, so i was totally shocked when she stopped right in front of me and the camera and just smiled. love my silly girl.

stella is eating her fruit snacks from her stocking an holding onto her stuff so her brother doesn't get it. :)

we had such a wonderful morning opening presents. i'll be so sad to pack away the colorful christmas decor and the twins' first tree of their own.

we had such a great christmas and hope you did too!

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