Saturday, November 23, 2013

ezra's birth story

ezra james turned one a month ago. he's now considered a toddler! i'm in denial. he's still a baby. and to keep me thinking about his babyness, {it's a word...kind of.} i'm going to now share his birth story. it may totally be boring to the average person, but i'd like it documented in my little space on the internet.

i had a fabulous nurse in labor & delivery that i actually went to high school with. we didn't hang out in the same circles, so i didn't know her that well, but she's a gem. good nurses really make all the difference! she literally had my back in the OR when the mean anesthesiologist kept hitting my nerves {FOUR times!} while giving me my spinal. i was crying and the guy was practically yelling at me. i'm not even exaggerating, he was so mean. my nurse told him to give me a break because every time he would hit a nerve and send "zinggggggggs" down my spine and legs it would shock me. she was the best. i love it when people don't make you feel stupid for crying. :) 

the twins' birth was amazing and wonderful, but i also knew that there were things i would change if i ever had another chance. so i did that this time and it made ALL the difference. last time the girls were taken to get checked out right away {which makes total sense, they were premature twins after all!}, but this time ezra got to stay in the OR with us the entire time. it was so nice. i said 'no visitors' in the recovery room, which made this birth so much more relaxing. with the twins we had family members in the hall and in our room when i was being wheeled out of the OR and it was all so overwhelming {first major surgery, first birth, first spinal, it was ALL overwhelming!).  those were the main two things that made this birth so peaceful, but i'm getting ahead of myself. here's the story...

we arrived at the hospital and checked in. while i was signing the necessary forms, earl turned to me and said, "it's a boy." i was all wwwhhhhaaaaaaa?! {we didn't find out the gender of the baby, we wanted it to be a surprise!} he said that he saw the baby and it was a boy. since i felt like this baby was a boy the whole time, it got me even more excited to meet our baby.

we went upstairs, i changed into my hospital gown, got poked my an intern who popped my {really good} vein, went to the OR, met the mean anesthesiologist and things got crackin'. when it came time for my doctor to pull the baby out, he couldn't get him out! they must have used the same size incision that they did with the twins and it was totally not big enough. a lot of pulling and pressure later, he still wasn't out. the had to get the suction to pull him out! that had me kinda freaked out, but luckily they were quick about it and got him out. they held him up and said, "ok dad, say what it is!" earl looked at ezra with the biggest love in his eyes and said, "IT'S A BOY! and he's BIG!" i instantly started crying and then ezra started crying and it was all so perfect. they wrapped him up, showed him to me, then took him over to get weighed and cleaned up. earl was over there with him, snapping away with my camera as i was getting sewn up. these are his shots:

once we were wheeled into our room we cuddled and did our skin-to-skin time. i didn't want to let my little man go! i couldn't believe he was finally here. and that he was almost 8 pounds {7lbs 15oz}. and he had so much hair! he was so perfect. i kept saying, "we have a BOY. we have a SON!" over and over and over. we had the name ezra picked out forever, so seeing our little ezra was so surreal.

our hospital stay was lovely {my bomb nurse got us a private room} and the cherry on top was when the twins got to come and meet their baby brother for the first time. they loved seeing the baby, but i think they loved my window that overlooked the pond outside even more. they kept trying to open the window to go outside! crazy girls.

when we had the twins i was a lot more hormonal and emotional. this time i was a lot more relaxed. ezra was such a good little sleeper that he stayed in our room the entire time we were in the hospital. when the twins were born i sent them to the nursery a few times so i could get some sleep, but because we're practically professionals at handling babies now, we kept ezra with us. i can't believe i had three babies in less than 23 months. i have a pretttttty good feeling that will NOT be repeated. it was/can be absolutely chaotic having so many kids so close in age, but i feel like now that ezra is one and the twins are almost three that it will be so great in the long run.

so now he's one.

he only has two bottom teeth and his two top teeth are coming in. so many babies have full on grills, but not little man. he swallows a lot of food whole. his poor tummy!

he isn't walking yet, but he can take two steps before falling on his bottom.
he will only eat green beans if they're from a can. i know. totally gross.
he likes his milk cold.
he loves bread, kidney beans, cheerios, goldfish crackers, and basically anything on my plate. if it's on his plate, it's somewhat undesirable. it must taste so much better from my plate.
he smiles more than any baby i've ever known. i just look at him and he smiles.

he's a petite little dude, but he's long. hopefully he'll be tall!
he loves to clap his hands, shake his head "no" and wave.
he freaks out if he can't see me. total mamas boy.

he now hates hats. such a bummer! i'm working on it though. it's getting cold! he needs his head covered.

he refuses to eat bananas. he used to refuse purees and smooth food, but he's slowly making progress there. he'll eat ice cream, yogurt and applesauce now, which is kind of a huge deal. when he was around six months old he wouldn't eat any form of table food. it wouldn't have been a problem if he wasn't losing weight and in the 4th percentile for weight. it was a scary, scary time. he wouldn't drink formula or pedia-sure or anything that could possibly get his weight up. he finally allowed bread in his diet {panera's asiago cheese bread to be exact} and has slowly turned into a good little eater. pizza is his love language and he can eat three pieces in one sitting. we're in trouble for his teen years!

he has such a fun little personality and such a sweet disposition.

i can't wait to see the little boy he turns out to be. we're so, so lucky he's ours.

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