Wednesday, August 7, 2013

nutmeg and oregano

You know when you only have one kid {or twins in my case} and you think that you're SO busy and that things are just absolutely crazy....turns out you have no idea. You have no idea that once you get to 3 kids, it becomes a whole new level of insanity. Okay, so maybe insanity isn't the right word, maybe it's intensity. It becomes a whole new level of intensity. Your love is more intense, your frustration is more intense, and your fun is more intense. 

I've been having a really rough couple of days. Earl has been out of town and I have been in charge of all three kiddos 24/7. I know that a lot of women have this much harder than I do...those that have husbands who aren't as involved as mine, those that are away for longer stretches, or even single mothers {they are champions in my book!}...I know, I get it, I'm not special. But all those things considered, it still isn't easy.

I have a weird personality. I'm a perfectionist. I like things to look pretty. I like things to look clean and organized. I like the surfaces in my house to be smooth and clean, not dirty and sticky. This has been a major, major thing for me to deal with. I'm not exactly sure how, but my girls make messes out of the easiest, simplest things. It blows my mind. Who knew that fruit snacks could double as watercolors? To deal with this, I become a tyrant and try to never let the kids eat anywhere but their high chairs. Pssshhhhh. Yeah, that doesn't always work.

Sometimes I get   S O  tired of being so crazy trying to keep things clean, so I just let it go. And then it gets messy. Like, real messy. And I can deal with it for a couple of days, but then I go all crazy again and want to de-clutter and just start throwing stuff away because I can't bare to look at it anymore. Sigh. 

This morning I decided to make the kids breakfast before getting them up for the day. "DING, DING, DING!" went the little magic good idea bell in my head. I was thinking, "How smart am i?!" and "Why haven't I done this sooner?!" Breakfast was made, dishes cleaned up and the table was set in a fraction of the time it takes when the kids are in the kitchen with me. I went upstairs to get them with excitement and optimism that today was going to be better than the day before {Ezra choked on a teeny, tiny piece of an apple and I nearly had a heart attack. All while Olivia had some diaper issues [so gross, I'll spare you] and Stella was picking out at eating all of the raisins out of the raisin bread [where did she find the raisin bread?!]}.

Well, Ezra had some diaper issues of his own and I had to give him a quick bath and strip his bed before coming downstairs. We went down to the kitchen and found this:

I mean, who doesn't want nutmeg and oregano all over their edamame and eggs {they were sure to eat their peaches though!}??? I got so upset. There goes my brilliant idea and their breakfast at the same time. I dumped the plates, cleaned up the mess and gave each of the girls half of a Pop Tart. Boy I'm sure they didn't learn their lesson this time around. "Mess up breakfast, make a big mess AND get Pop Tarts?!" Ugh. At least I left that vinyl covering on the table from my craft project from last week, right?

I was sooooo annoyed. Annoyed at the girls, the mess, just the whole situation. I was cleaning up the kitchen when I looked over and saw Olivia doing this:

{quilt c/o folk and modern}

It immediately brought a smile to my face. She's so silly and quirky, I LOVE IT. 

She's watching "rat power!!" It's actually The Very Hungry Caterpillar on Netflix, but whenever she and Stella say it, it sounds like "rat power!" It's hilarious.

I'm so glad my camera was close so I could capture these images. I took an online photography class back in June and I feel like it has helped my photography tremendously. I'm sure these photos would probably look better with some editing and not straight-out-of-the-camera like they are, but who has time to edit tons of photos? I certainly don't. I love these. They're real, they're candid, they're imperfect, just like us.

Then this little boy had to come over and see my camera, he loves trying to get it out of my hands.

He's obviously loving what he's seeing...

Stella isn't in any of these pictures because she was eating peanut butter in the kitchen and trying to play with my sewing machines. She tries the same tricks every day....getting all sneaky quiet and climbing up on my sewing chair. I'm wise to her trickery now...{HA! if only that were true, these kids one-up me all the time!}

After taking these photos and giving myself a 5 minute time-out, I felt like a new woman. Taking photos of my kids relieves my stress and lets me mentally escape from my mental checklist of tasks and annoyances. I hope I can continue to get better and better. I'll just keep taking more classes, it's a business expense, right?! :)


  1. yikes - what a day you had - and all you were trying to do was make a happy, healthy day! Makes me so sad to be so far away from you . . . today will be a better day! (hope, hope!!)

  2. You're children are beautiful! Thank you for being so candid about your life as a mummy, I only have 2 kiddos to contend with and I've been feeling the stress lately but I love reading your blog and knowing I'm not alone makes me feel a little better!
    Ps have no idea how you manage to be so creative into the bargain but I love your work!

  3. Oh my gosh I didn't know you had a blog! I'm so excited to follow along! :)

    1. thanks danielle! i'm a rare poster these days though! :/

  4. Hi Erin! What kind of a camera do you use?

    1. hey molly! i have a nikon d7000 and all these shots are with a 35mm lens

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  7. Just recently started following your blog...I follow you on Instagram and I am so impressed by your business savvy-ness and more importantly your Mommy life. Thanks for sharing and letting others get a glimpse of your life and beautiful kids! May I ask, is that black and white tribal pattern a rug or a mat? Very cool!


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