Monday, July 8, 2013


he is crawling  E V E R Y W H E R E.
he's getting in the dog's bowls, trying to climb upstairs, trying to crawl off the couch (?????)...
he's officially 8 months old and he really has stolen my heart.
he loves to eat food now (hallelujah!), but refuses to eat anything that can be considered baby food.
he'll eat anything off my plate as long as it's not applesauce or yogurt. pretty crazy for a baby that doesn't have any teeth, right?!
he seriously can't be fed fast enough. he grunts and whines if you're not up to speed. it's hilarious.
i am still his favorite person, no surprise there.
he won't take a bottle anymore or a sippy cup. that's a problem. hopefully we can turn that around.
he loves his sisters and wants to do everything they're doing and just be around them. it drives olivia nuts, but that's just normal sibling and two and a half year old stuff.
he has to sleep with a blanket every night and he'll fuss until i give him one. then it's like magic and he's silent, sucking his fingers to sleep.
his skin is getting a lot better. he still needs prescription creams and ointments twice a day, but his skin is finally clearing with those. and hopefully we can get him off of those completely or even down to once or twice a week.
i lowered ezra's crib all the way because he did this...

...and i was less than enthused.
he couldn't figure out how to get down and i was freaking out he'd fall out head first.
so now he's practically a big boy, being all mobile and pulling up and eating.
h o l y  cow.
it's time to start thinking about his first birthday.
help me. it's too soon.
(time is a THIEF!)


  1. he's growing up fast but you're lucky to be by his side!

  2. I loved reading this post because I have an 8 month old named phoenix who is doing all the same things! I love this age, but all of a sudden there are all these new things to worry about and prevent...guess that's parenthood for you! xo

  3. My son is officially 8 months on Friday! Time sure is a thief!

  4. My son (also 8 months) is the same way when it comes to food. He is a bottomless tank and literally GROWLS at me to feed him faster. He sees food and instantly turns from a sweet baby boy into a beast. Time is totally a thief! The picture of him crawling is so cute!


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