Friday, June 28, 2013


i've linked up with some fun mamas to share our seven summer essentials. here's our little list:

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1. summers are filled with road trips and fun activities. what's great about these little backpacks is your toddler can carry their own little treasures around. we've taken ours to the beach, to visit family in utah, and now to carry the twins' tap and ballet shoes for their weekly dance class. they range from $13-$20 and they're very well made, so they're totally reasonable (i hate it when kid's accessories are expensive!).

2. i bought the twins a set of these disney princess little people because i thought they would love playing with them. they did. a little two much, actually. so now we own two sets. i truly believe that the twins need to learn to share their toys {not just with each other, but with their brother too}, but unfortunately this was one of those toys where sharing was just not optional. {i mean, if i had a set, would i want to share them?! ;)}

3. ok. i know you're probably thinking i'm NUTS for putting lollipops as an essential, but hear me out. i have three very young children. i have a very sweet husband that works long hours to provide for our family. a lot of the time i need to run errands with all three kids rather than waiting until he gets home from work. that's where these little lollipops come in. in the rare occasion i remember to put them in my purse, they are what get us through costco or target or the grocery store or the doctor's office. the girls know that they need to behave to get one, so they turn on the good manners {they already have good manners, but you know what i mean}. they're the tiniest little suckers that don't create a huge mess and are a rare {but sometimes absolutely necessary} treat.

4. i know it's kinda weird to be putting swaddling blankets on here as a 'summer essential', but they really are! it gets very warm here in the summer and these blankets are perfect for my little tribe. they are lightweight and so, so soft. we had tons for the twins when they were babies and i love that something they used a lot when they were little is still getting a lot of use. they sleep with them every night and cuddle with them throughout the day. even ezra loves his so, so much. i will lay him in bed and the first thing he does is plop his fingers in his mouth and reach for his blanket. 

5. my girls will find any water and find a way to get in it. these sandals are a summer favorite and are made for water, so it's a win-win for everyone.

6. like i said, it gets warm here, so a lot of pajamas are still too hot for my girls. they wear these little boy tanks to sleep almost every night. i used to live in these in high school! hanes knows where it's at.

7. the twins are obsessed with "pwetty dwesses." they also love skirts and anything frilly and pretty. this simple white skirt is a staple in their summertime wardrobe because they are easy on, easy off. a lot of people don't like dressing their kids in white, but i love it because you can just bleach whatever junk they get on their clothes. and white goes with everything!

so there you have it, our summer essentials. ezra doesn't really care for much other than his mommy, his blankie and most recently, anything i'm eating {a MIRACLE!}, so his lone contribution is the blankets. he's all about crawling and taking whatever the girls are playing with anyways. :) you can see the other ladies' essentials {and a giveaway!} over here.

i can't believe it's already so hot! 11am and already 100*...this summer is going to be a long one!


  1. Thanks for sharing your summer essentials. Not that we need them over here in Belgium, cause it rather feels like autumn already.

    Love the skiphop backpacks, I got the owl one for my little girl and she's totally crazy about it. If she had it her way, she would pick every animal available.

    Oh, and those Saltwater sandals, I love them so much, but you can't find them here and it's so tricky to order it online :-s

    Have a great summer!

    1. what i would give for autumn weather....olivia has the owl backpack too! have you tried ordering saltwater sandals from and they run large, FYI :)


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