Thursday, June 27, 2013

ezra's 6 month / lifestyle photo shoot

it's no secret that i absolutely love stephanie ryan. i call her our family photographer. i wish she could always take pictures of us. like go with us on vacation and take amazing photos of us traveling and having fun as a family. stephanie has taken pictures for us when ezra was a newborn, when i was pregnant with ezra, when the twins were a year old, and when the twins were newborns. so i asked stephanie to come over and take some pictures of the kids and i just hanging out. i'm rarely in pictures because i'm always taking them and i've been failing at getting IN them with the timer. (wish i could find my camera remote...ugh!)
anyways, these are some shots of sweet ezra boy when he was six months old and the girls and i. we woke the girls up from their nap, but they were good sports, we got some great shots!

^^^ SO typical. and hilarious. i love it. ^^^

luckily my man got home so we could get a picture of him and his boy.

i really love these last three pictures because it was after all the cameras were packed away and the girls were eating pizza and letting me spray them with the hose.

love those silly girls and that sweet little boy.
i can't wait to see these hanging on our walls.
{when i find the time to do it, of course ;)}


  1. so many new favorites!! Great job Stephanie!

  2. That's true these are spectacular photos! In fact they're sooo beautiful...


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