Wednesday, May 29, 2013

our recent shenanigans

we've been up to a lot, as usual.
most of these are instagram pics, but a few are from my 'big' camera.
gosh, i wish i took more pictures with that camera.
i actually signed up for an online photo class and hope it will help me get a lot better.
maybe if i had a better way to transport my camera, i'd use it more?
or how about just more arms. now THAT would probably help a LOT.
anyways, our recent shenanigans are as follows...
{prepare yourself for a TON of pictures. i'm WAY behind here.}
i've been trying to get a granny square quilt made.
unfortunately it's not going as quickly as i'd like.
time just seems to elude me.
as in, time to do it.

olivia says, "i love you" as "LA LOU" so i made a little print for my room.
i love it.
and the silly little girl that says it.

these pictures were taken a while ago, but ezra's skin is getting a lot better, thankfully.

one weekend we went to the zoo and the girls LOVED it.
they can't get enough of it.

she's just too cool...

workin', workin', workin'...

happiness in a box.

gosh, they crack me up.

they are so, SO lucky to have each other.

and to have this cute little brother too.

these sisters...

pretty scraps.

photo shoot time...

and some tired little models.
mother's room photo op...

pretty little flower child.

balloons for my love and our nine year wedding anniversary.
{SO crazy it's been that long!}

a sweet friend sent me a little pick-me-up when i was having a bad day...

i could snuggle this little man forever.

life is so much better when nana comes to visit.
so, so much better.

and yes, i've been busy.

the twins were never snuggly babies. like EVER. maybe it's because they were so tired of being crammed together for 9 months?
who knows.
but this boy looooooves it.
and i L O V E it.

i know it probably seems like i only take pictures of's kinda true.
he stays still. the twins are anything BUT still.
and i took thousands of pictures of them their first year of life, so i have some major catching up to do!

a few weeks ago i tried really hard to be a fun and cool mom.
while the girls were napping i setup the kitchen so we could make cookies together.

when did stella turn five?

i mean, seriously?!
that sweet, silly girl.
she's talking more clearly and non-stop.
she's so wicked smart.
she's growing up into such a sweet little girl.

and here is olivia ignoring me...

...and this is what i get when i tell her to smile for me.

i mean, if i were finally allowed to play with the usually-forbidden kitchen utensils, i wouldn't want to pose for a picture either.

i wish i could say the whole cookie making activity was fun.
honestly, it wasn't that much fun.
i was trying to get them to listen, learn and watch...they just wanted to pour baking soda into the bowl.
it made the BIGGEST MESS.
i was scrubbing for 20 minutes trying to clean it up after they went to bed.
the whole time i was repeating in my head what a stupid idea it was.
and then i felt so guilty for being uptight and getting upset with the girls when they weren't listening to me trying to teach them how to make cookies.
man, i can be so lame.
expecting so much out of such little people.
lesson learned.
the twins have taught me so much about myself. how to be more patient and flexible, as well as a thousand other things.
it's a good thing they're patient with me too.
this whole mama thing is a work in progress.

now back to our regularly scheduled ezra show:

he's just too much cuteness wrapped up in one little person.

every time i see this photo i laugh so hard.

this girl.
sassing me because i wouldn't let her have any candy.
she's too much.

baby wearing and shopping carts for the twins is the only way i can buy groceries.
it's always surprising what little items they snuck into their carts while i wasn't looking.

we like plus pants around here.

the prettiest ombre eggs from my aunt's farm.

he's happy about this while i'm kind of crying inside.

he's so big.

this girl was refusing a nap and fell asleep in the car.

look at those lips!
too bad mine don't look like that.

now more ezra pictures.

in this one above he was gabbing non-stop.
he was making the silliest sounds with the silliest faces.
and then he peed everywhere.
still trying to master this whole 'boy' thing.
i've been doing pretty good with diaper changes, but he caught me off guard this time.

how we roll at the mall...

we went to my best friend amanda's house a couple of weeks ago to swim and got some silly pictures of the kids playing on her bed.

meet jellybean, amanda's childhood bear.

how great is that rock wall she had installed?!
i love her room.

it took some time for the girls to warm up to the water, but once they did, they couldn't get enough of it.

and they couldn't get enough of auntie a's frozen yogurt.

i designed a new fabric and have been selling the coolest blankets out of them.

my shop has been doing really well and it's such a blessing.
it's a lot of work, but i love it.

this shot is K I L L I N G me.
he's so big. and that posture?!

he's the sweetest boy.
i keep saying this, but he's so big!
he's crawling now.
he's like, "oh yeah, mom. you think you can handle having three kids under two and a half? BOOM - check it! i'm cccrrraaawwwwlllliiiinnnnnn'. try and catch me now!"
he's not super fast, but he's movin'.


  1. I love love love the way you capture your twins' different personalities. They sound like a handful to keep up with. I found your blog on Instagram, because I saw your new fabric and almost died. It's gorgeous.

  2. Thanks for sharing a peak into your life. It was fun to see the happenings around Candy Kirby Designs. I am a mother of two babies under two trying to get my business up and running. You are an inspiration to me that it is possible.

  3. best part of my week!!!! xoxo cant wait to see you all so soon!

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  5. I just wanted to say: I love your blog and you have the cutest family! Cant wait to buy some leggings for my little girls! Yasemin (

  6. That Ezra is so cute! I hope you don't mind I pinned the first pic for quilt inspiration...someday I'm cutting up the girls old clothes for a quilt. Have a great day mama!

  7. What a precious family. Just hopped along your blog via Pinterest, and I'm in love! Following.

  8. Follow you on IG but finally read through a couple posts on the blog. Your kids are the cutest (and just hilarious). Loved the pic overload. -josie


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