Saturday, April 6, 2013

they were quiet...i should've known

oh geez.

the girls were supposed to be watching the lorax in my room {because ezra was sleeping upstairs and i wasn't about to let the girls up there and wake him up}, but they had other ideas.
i was placing a rather large fabric order and was trying really hard to focus.
then i realized the quiet.

as soon as i walked in, as if in slow motion, stella wiped her lipstick-covered hand on my white duvet cover.
i screamed "noooooooooooooooo" IN MY HEAD because i wasn't about to wake the baby.

and then i grabbed my camera and started taking pictures.
probably not the best thing to do {as far as parental discipline and such}, but seeing my lipsticked girls was precious through my lens.
it eased my frustration and allowed me to see how silly and giddy they were - something i most likely wouldn't have noticed if i didn't crouch down low to see their faces while taking their picture.

it's so easy to stand above them and look down at them in frustration and anger.
toddlers are pros at getting into trouble.
my girls are like olympic athlete professional status at getting into trouble.
since there's two of them it's like it's squared or something.
but i'm glad i kept my cool.
of course i told them that what they did was naughty and i'm pretty sure they realized that as soon as i put them into the shower with their clothes and diapers on - not wanting to waste any time taking them off before pretreating and throwing my duvet cover in the wash.

those girls.
so crazy.
so silly.
so sweet.

i love them so. 


  1. adorable - they love their chutthers!!

  2. Looking at these pictures, at least they had fun!!!

  3. so cute!

  4. Haha, this is too funny!! I know what you mean about screaming "no"!! And I think I may have grabbed the camera instead a few times too :) They are too cute! And yes, when the house is too quiet, it usually means something! ;)


  5. Lestoil is the magic eraser to fabrics. A few dabs and that lipstick should be history. Cute pics! I wish I could prance around in lipstick and undies somedays:-)

  6. I've had this exact thing happen before. Just yesterday my 3yr old decided to give herself a unibrow with my eye liner:) and I totally agree, grabbing the camera gave me a little bit of a chance to breathe before getting upset. :)


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