Monday, March 11, 2013

hello. hi.

it's been a long time.
hello, blog.
i've missed you.
having three littles is a LOT of work!
so is running a new business.
so prepare yourself for one of the largest posts ever.
i've got some major catching up to do...

i bought some studio lights to take pictures of the kiddos and my leggings.
the girls LOVE the lights.

plus i don't really know where to point them.
i'll learn, right?

can you see how little olivia is giving me some sass?!
caught on camera, girlfriend!

stella and olivia love to fight, it seems.
on this particular day they were fighting over baby brother's car seat.

i was nursing ezra, so i couldn't intervene.
but olivia's cries were PIERCING.
funny how i can remember that but not important stuff.

my sweet boys took a nap together.

this was obviously before ezra's seborrhea {cradle cap on crack} got bad, he actually had hair here.

stella has a drifting eye.
i noticed it just before christmas and hopefully it will correct itself by patching her strong eye to strengthen her weak eye.

i sure hope so because surgery scares the begeezes out of me.

little man turned four months old.
he's 14lbs 12oz and 25.5" long.
75% for height and 50% for weight.
our highest percentiles yet!

kitty cat hunting {once again}.

i made a table.

the batteries died on the twins' old swing and stella was improvising.

people say toddlers love i told her to push her brother.
she was good at it!
just needed reminding a few times.
and as you can tell, ezra likes to watch tv.
terrible, i know.
but when you have three so close in age and so incredibly young, the tv can be a godsend.
especially the movie the lorax.
it literally freezes them.

my girl alison over at the alison show hooked me up with one of her mobiles and wrote a lovely post on candy kirby designs. she's such a gem. real, hilarious, crafty and so sweet. her blog is one of my favorites.

the girlies and i were hanging out in our bed one evening and i snapped this picture.

their arms are the same, they almost look like twins.

here is stella pointing to her patch.
she's so good.
she knows that she needs to wear it as soon as she gets up in the morning, so she goes into my room where i have them all in a jar and picks out the one she wants to wear.
then she takes it out of the package, peels of the backing and hands it to me to put it on her.
she stands perfectly still until i'm done putting it on.

when it's time to take it off, she somehow knows it's been two hours (?) and says, "mama! patch oonnnnnnnnnn!"

{we're still working on "on" and "off"}
and when i peel it off, she says, "YAY MAMAAAAAA!"
and claps for me.
she's such a great little trooper.

and this girl is so goofy and sassy.


sassy and defiant are her two favorite things to be right now.

this boy is so sweet.

he loves to wiggle like an octopus.
you should really watch this while listening to music.
it's hilarious.
put on a song, then press play.
i'd do it for you but that would take me like 20 minutes that i don't have.
{nap time is precious!}

{this should be a video of him wiggling but it keeps doing his laughing video? ugh, technology, you're killing me...}

poor boy is scratching is sad little eczema covered back when he does that.

the girls love the park and love to put sand and rocks on this seating area.
who knows why?
they think it's hilarious.
and it's like they're job or duty.
they're too funny.

my tall stella!
almost 2" taller than her sister.

same size jeans, same size tops.
so funny.

this is ezra and socks the fox.

socks is a blabla doll and ezra's best friend.

socks goes a LOT of places with us to keep little man happy.
so play "where's waldo" with socks the fox.
i bet you'll be able to find him in at least half the pictures i take of ezra.

my friend janessa just had a baby girl a few weeks after i had ezra and i taught her how to make bows.

we may or may not have stayed up until 1am working on these.
and we STILL didn't finish!

my girls are the girliest of girls.
they love to get dressed up in frilly dresses.

don't worry, they checked everything out in the mirror beforehand and were pleased with what they saw...

when the girls were younger, it was scary taking them out to eat.
there were a few times i was certain someone was going to make a snide comment or two, but luckily they never did.
ever since then, we have made a point to take them out regularly.
children need to know how to behave in restaurants and that takes anytime i can i try to convince the hubby that we need to eat at my favorite japanese restaurant.

that bento box ^^^ is the KIDS bento.
it's huge.
and it's $6.
it comes with miso too.
it makes for some mighty tasty leftovers, let me tell ya.

i can't imagine a world where this boy isn't a part of it.

he's such a sweet baby.
he LOVES people.
he doesn't freak out if anyone other than mommy holds him.
he does flirty eyes with all the ladies...i'm fairly certain i have a heartbreaker on my hands!

here is some of our super bowl spread.
white chili + cabbage can't go wrong.

oh, this girl.
she loves to make funny faces in mirrors and she always makes me giggle.

so i mentioned i have a new business.
a while ago {january, actually} i was playing around in photoshop and made some designs that would look great as fabric.
i posted it on my beloved instagram and everyone agreed.
so i found a printer and ordered it!
my first thought was children's leggings and after selling a ton of those, i had requests for blankets.
so i made blankets.

and then i made this headband to cover my mom hair.
{i'm not selling these yet}

speaking of mom hair, here is my mom uniform.
comfy pants and a comfy tee.

don't worry, i get dressed if i go out in public...and yes, i'm nursing ezra in this picture.
is that weird?
it's probably weird.
but i'm mighty proud of it.
i had the hardest time trying to nurse the twins and it just didn't work out.
i got majorly sad when that happened.
so this time around i was bound and determined to make it work and it did!
it makes me so happy to be able to do it this time around.
talk about a sense of accomplishment after failure!

my sweetie bought me some pre-valentine's day roses.
i wish i could always have fresh flowers.
they're so lovely to look at!

dreamy baby.

some legging orders waiting to be sewn.

it sometimes feels never ending.
as soon as i catch up, i have to do a new batch.
i'm not complaining, really i'm not.
it's a great problem to have.
but it sure is WORK.
i stay up until 1am almost every night working on orders.
it's a labor of love, that's for sure.

this is how we roll at target.

or like this...
i got dressed for this picture.

my girl likes to sing.
i love her.

she also likes to sleep standing up?

ezra and i accidentally matched at church.

after stressing about picking the wrong cotton for projects, i finally bought a sample of ALL OF THEM.
we always run into CRAZY people at costco.
makes me scared to go back.

my man got me this for valentine's day.
my fave donuts that you can't buy in town anymore?
krispy kreme, i miss you.
my thighs however may not, but i do.

the twinnies got some new toys from their lolo and lola and couldn't be more thrilled.

and then i made more leggings.

he's not even that dark, i'm just that white.

and it's only fair for mommy to get a new toy too, right?

ah, she's a beaut.
i love, love, LOVE this lens.

and this boy.

i think it's official that i have an obsession sewing black and white things, no?

more toy fun...

and happy scrap sewing...

i really should grow blueberries by the way these girls scarf them down.

they are  o b s e s s e d.

i cleaned out their closet and packing away their special dresses that are too small kinda breaks my heart...

they're such big girls now!

miss olivia looooves to show her muscles.

and this dreamboat of a boy loves to smile.

i think mama leggings are next?

or mama skirts?

how about both!

and maybe baby hats too?

i want to make more of my elise dolls for the girls.

i'm thinking maybe out of some of their outgrown clothes? 
ones i can bear to cut into?
ya, that doesn't exist.
maybe i'll get less sentimental?

baby's first pho.

kidding, kidding.

mommy + livie dates are always fun.

and so are play dates!

milk drunk.

target's easter decor is KILLING IT this year.

and this mama bear is hugging on 20 yards of her own fabric. 
surreal, wonderful and crazy all at the same time.

this picture just makes me laugh EVERY time i see it!

she loves flowers.
i have to keep her from picking the whole neighborhood's flowers.
that girl.

they're just too cool...

his eczema makes me so sad.

and he HATES getting all lathered up in creams and lotions.
poor baby.
that dermatologist appointment can't come soon enough!

fun new paint for the twin's room...

first big boy toy.

{he's still not too sure of it.}

these girls love PBS cartoons in the morning.

they don't even mind me getting in their faces to take pictures of them.
perhaps they're used to it by now?

this boy gives the BIGGEST smiles to socks the fox.

and when he finally gets a hold of him, he just wants to love on him.

i love it when my girls love on me!

our happy places just seem to coincide.

j u m p.

i'm in denial he's this old already.

oh boy did he love it.
much better than his sisters did.
{they had an epic freak out.}

he may be a big boy, but he'll always have tiny toes.

love his tiny toes.
love ALL of their tiny toes.
and now we're almost caught up.
ezra and i went to LA this last weekend for more biznazzz stuff, but more on that later.
in the meantime, happy monday.


  1. Hi! I just found your blog through your amazing leggings, which led me to following you on insta! I LOVE your taste & you are just a real life super mom! Such an awesome example. I just wanted to say that I am sorry for your baby's eczema. My 7 month old had the WORST eczema too!! He is such a happy baby but it was such a struggle. He had to have little socks on his hands almost 24/7. Well, after 3 months of waiting, we finally got into the dermatologist last week & do you know what? His body is CLEAR & he is no longer itchy!!! So my good news to you is that your happy/darling baby boy will get even more so soon! I don't know what you are using but CeraVe has changed our life!!! As well as some prescription goodies as well. Good luck & happy Monday! -Allison

  2. Will you post the recipe to your cabbage salad (from your super bowl party photo)?

  3. The Lorax! Right?! It's like baby hypnotism! Love your super long posts, so fun to see everything that you are up to. Your Ezra really is such a dreamy baby.

  4. First time reading your blog & I love it! Found it from your leggings and I am in love! Your so talented and are the cutest mom with the best style. So much fun just to scroll through your blog! Baby stuff makes me so happy and you have such cute kiddies!

  5. YOU ARE AMAZING!! Twins, 3 kids, and starting your own business!! That is simple awesome!! I really enjoyed your post, your pictures are all lovely! How great is that that you designed your own fabric, I would love to try that too! And I am amazed at how creative you are! I too, love black and white! I get so busy myself with 3 kids and most of the time don't have time to blog also, kids are hard work! Hope all is well and you have a great week!!


  6. First time checking out your blog! Loved it! Your children are beautiful! I love you style! I am totally wanting leggings for me! and my baby girls! I have a 6 month old and 3 yo. Have a great night! -Christy @

  7. Wow! You weren't kidding! So impressed with all you've accomplished these past few months! Rock on with your beautiful family:)

  8. Oh. My. Goodness. I just found your Instagram + Blog + Shop....and I think I love you. Is that weird? Sorrynotsorry ;) Seriously, you are so amazing and inspiring. I have a 21-month-old and a 1-month-old and I'm really trying my best to stay afloat! I feel like I need a step-by-step tutorial on how to leave the house with two under two in two...HOW do you do it?!! I feel like I was really getting the momma thing figured out with my one-year-old and out and about (library story time, science museum, zoo, (Target!!), etc), but now I'm back to square one where I live in constant stress and anxiety. Also, PLEASE tell me how you look that amazing in those skinny jeans being just a couple months postpartum. I'm really starting to despise this deflating beach ball of mine that I try to scrunch up like a Fruit Roll-Up just to fit into maternity jeans...eeek! Okay, sorry to ramble....just thought you should now I think you are

  9. There is so much to comment on here! I'm glad that I stumbled across your blog. I love all of the photos in this post and I love that it's long. Also I have the same gray dotted pajama pants, hehehe. Your children are SO adorable, especially your little guy. I think he's only a little ways behind my little one in age.

    PS- I LOVE that striped canopy on your bugaboo. I have the missioni for my cameleon but I've been after a black & white striped canopy for awhile.


  10. i love ALL of these pics and the captions because they're so real and true. love your blog, so glad I found it (think I found you first on instagram when I spied those fab leggings!)


i love candy, sewing and the power to delete :) have a great day!