Thursday, February 7, 2013

this girl...

she's so wickedly smart. she can see you do something once and then she does it - perfectly.

{trying to hold up two fingers}

her vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds. she has no hesitation in sounding out new words. my favorite word for her to say is "honeydew." she says it so perfectly and adorably. she has started calling earl "babe." IT'S HILARIOUS. she will be talking and when she wants to get her daddy's attention she yells, "BABE! baaaaaabe! BABE!!!!!!" 

she's finally calling her blankie a "baankee" and not a "tee-tee" {a tee-tee is a part of the male anatomy in tagalog aka filipino, which she is half of. it's hilarious, but i realllllllllly wanted her calling her blankie a blankie once i found that out!!}

stella is a little mama. when ezra or olivia cries, she tries to find them a blanket, pacifier, toy, whatever she can and gives it to them to make them stop crying. she's incredibly thoughtful and it's kinda crazy to see that in such a young little being.
she's such a fantastic little person.

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  1. you have captured Miss Stella perfectly! I love these pics, and the "babe" thing - too funny!!


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