Wednesday, February 6, 2013

this other girl...

she's almost too much. she has the sweetest, softest little voice and the most blood-curdling scream you've ever heard. she doesn't really like to share. well, i should clarify, she doesn't like to share her toy shopping cart or ANYTHING in it. if her sister even touches it, you hear that scream i was talking about. but she actually is pretty good at sharing. any time i had her a snack or treat of some sort, she patiently waits for me to hand her another one and she says, "sissy?" and i say, "yes, that one's for sissy." and she proudly takes it to wherever her sissy may be.

 she loves to eat. LOVES it. she would be happy if she could have a piece of food in her hands all. day. long. i don't think i've ever seen her full. seriously. it's kinda scary. scary because she can eat as much as adult and STILL want more food. lately one of her favorite treats has been "arts" aka hearts {conversation hearts}. when the girls were little babies i kept saying, "i don't want them to even know what candy is until they're 5." boy was that a joke. at their 18 month photo shoot we were literally throwing gummy worms at them to cooperate and sit in one spot. not my proudest parenting moment, but you do what you've gotta do in the moment, right?

olivia loves dresses and skirts. she's a total girly girl. she likes bows in her hair again (thank goodness, we have so many) and is starting to like to sleep with a doll right next to her. she always wants me to swaddle it too, it's so cute.

she loves the camera and loves to pose. can't you tell?

she's spunky. she kind of hops when she runs. she loves dirt. she loves cars and anything with wheels. she loves her little brother and can get him to smile just by looking at him. she's such a sweetie and we are so lucky to have her in our family.

peace out, yo.


  1. Carol you are too funny! That was a funny spur of the moment photo shoot :) LOVE THEM all!


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