Monday, February 11, 2013

little man

this little boy is busting out of his 3-6 month clothes. he's wearing 6-12 month clothes and he isn't even 4 months old!

he LOVES eye contact. he will squawk at me if i'm not looking at him enough. {so funny, huh?}

i'm his favorite, but his face lights up easily for olivia.

he seems to have such fair skin for his dark features, but he is darker than olivia.

he hates to be on his tummy for more than 5 minutes.

he likes to watch television. {!!!!!!!!} if it's on, he'll contort his body and turn his head to see it. it's hilarious and disturbing at the same time.

he likes to stand on my lap and you can tell he's so proud of himself when he does it.

he LOVES to be held. while you're standing. and preferably moving. YEAH. it's tiring.

he's over 15 pounds. he's   s o l i d. 

he has to be swaddled to get any kind of good sleep, or be in his swing.

he can start eating solid food next month and that trips me out. {it's sooo much more work. i should be excited about it but i'm kinda not....}

he has yet to be on a good, solid schedule. we're still trying to figure that out. one thing i have figured out is that he will not nap in his crib most likely. the twins' room is right next door and they make entirely too much noise during their nap time that he almost ALWAYS wakes up. and if he doesn't it's because i ran up the stairs no less than 8 times to hush the girls. so NOT fun.

he loves his little security blanket lovies. loves to have them up in his face in his swing or in his car seat.

he's been in his jumperoo a few times, but hasn't taken to it quite yet. if he's anything like his sisters, he'll be obsessed with it before long.

he's starting to get a little fussy when i lay him in his stroller. it has a bassinet attachment and i'm afraid it may be time to put him in the traditional seat already. tears.

he's such a good little boy and i just can't get enough of him!


  1. sweet little man - I can't wait to see him again!!

  2. Love all the recent posts of your kiddos! Great pics! They are the sweetest! :)

  3. You have a gorgeous family! How do you look so darn great every day? Sheesh.

  4. Precious pic! So, I couldn't find a place to email you so sorry I have to leave a message comment :/ But I nominated your lovely little blog to receive a Liebster Award! All the details are on my blog :) Have a lovely day!


  5. *Heart melting*
    This post sounded like me describing my 5 month old to the 'T' !
    What a sweet, sweet family!


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