Thursday, January 3, 2013

random photo dump

my kiddos have the best grammy ever.
and she has lots of helping hands pushing the stroller...

ezra has had some skin issues and he broke out into a rash all over his handsome little face.

it has cleared up, but he needs a bath every morning, a cream on certain days and he has to be slathered in baby oil every night.

i'm such a grown-up now.
i have three kids.
as evident by our stockings that my mama lovingly made.

my little book tower of happiness...

the sweetest boy in all the land...

the twinnies room is undergoing a makeover into a big girls room.

shopping for flower pots...

the beginnings of ezra's quilt...

i decided to give carving stamps a try {?????? i don't know either....} and made a cool arrow stamp.
and then made ezra a new swaddling blanket with it. 

he digs it.

i don't know if i've shared this picture yet, but it's one of my favorites of ezra.

he's my little french sailor.
that picture was taken SIX WEEKS AGO.
time is a beast.
cause here he is now in that same outfit...

ah, i can't get over this kid.
he's the cutest baby e v e r.
his coos are the best.
he laughed for the first time this past weekend and i'm SO glad hubby was home to see it and hear it.
babies are the best.


  1. what gorgeous stockings your mama made, I love them! And your baby boy is so beautiful, he's giving me baby fever :-)

    Happy 2013 to you and your little family!

    love from Belgium,


  2. you have the most beautiful family!! love these picture. :)

    xo, amanda

  3. AH! I want twins SO bad! Your girls are previous! (my ma's a twins and does it really skip a generation?!) Darling kids, darling prints and fabrics and stamps and creations!

  4. AH! my little one Lily has the same leopard leggings. love.


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