Thursday, January 17, 2013

my not so virtual life

"I can't imagine where you get all the energy for your angels."

"Seriously, I think you are superwoman."

"As always, I don't know how you do it all!"

"i swear you are superwoman or something! you do so many productive awesome things all the time and its obvious you are a great mother!"

"You are so awesome!!! Can't take it!!! How do you do it all?"

"You blow my mind on a regular basis, woman!"

"How do you do it all? I am so far behind!"

over the last few months i have gotten these comments from blog readers and instagram followers alike.

here's a reality check for ya...i sooooooo don't do it all.

i have lots of things unfinished. 
i have messes in probably every room of the house.
i could show you pictures, but quite frankly i am too tired to actually take them.
but trust me, they're there.

{flashback to one of the twins' infamous messes.}

this internet is a funny thing.

it can be a wealth of inspiration and can fuel your creative endeavors and then the next minute it can have you feeling inadequate, unsettled and envious.
or is it just me?

i'm a projectaholic.

husband calls me 'the project manager.'
i haaaaaaaaave to creative.
if i don't i go a bit batty.
that's why it seems like i'm tackling project after project {because i am} and because it gives me a sense of self and accomplishment.
i don't have much of a life outside of our little home, so the little time i have to myself {when the kids are sleeping} i try to make it count by making something pretty.

i also have a super funny brain.

i like order {in a sense}.
that's why i tend to dress the girls exactly the same or dress them to coordinate with one another.
if i don't, they look like homeless children with clothes from a dumpster.
perhaps that's a little dramatic, but they just look messy.
but back to my funny brain...
i feel like i try to 'finish' rooms in the house.
but then something happens and the room has to be changed again.
liiiikkkkkeeee i was tired of my master bedroom being so dark, so i painted it a different color and now i want to paint a new painting above the bed.
and then if i change the painting, i'll want to change the throw pillows that i made to match the original painting....


SEE how i'm crazy?

my poor husband.

he's such a good sport.
he's so sweet to just smile and say, "whatever you want, babe..."
he knows i have this need to make stuff.

so excuse me while i become my own worst nightmare.

i'm going to go buy some wood to make a new dining room table.
and no, i'm not kidding.
{ours is WAY too small! a 4' round table for a family of 5? no no no...}

project manager


  1. wow, a table from scratch? where are you getting the wood from? i would love to make one of my own (uh, with lots of help from the husband).

  2. well, i'm using table legs from ikea, but i'm building the top! so half from scratch! i'm totally winging it, i hope it turns out well!

  3. kiln dried wood - that's what you want. Did you know that most lumber is cut green - and then when it dries - it warps? Kiln dried wood.

  4. kiln dried wood + ikea legs = good to know! thanks. :)

  5. hmmmm.. nice try, but I'm still convinced you are superhuman. But in a good, inspirational way!

  6. Ok. I think we were cut from the same mold sister. looks like I could have written this most...minus 2 kids...I've only got 1...but that leaves time for MORE PROJECTS!!!!!!


  7. I just stumbled across your blog (thanks to Little Baby Garvin) and now, of course, I'm reading every post (because that's how my brain works). I laughed out loud while reading this, because my mind works the exact. same. way. Everyone thinks I'm crazy (including my husband, but at least he tolerates it). Thanks for the laugh and letting me know I'm not the only one wired this way! Oh, and you and your family are beautiful. Best wishes and keep the posts coming!


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