Wednesday, December 26, 2012

merry christmas!

even though the girls are only 2, it's time to start some christmas traditions.
earl read to them the birth of christ and acted it out with our nativity.

they loved baby jesus.
they're giving the "BAYBEE!!!!" kisses.
too precious.

"santa" came and dropped off some presents for the girls as well.
{they were very good this year.}

santa gave them some backpacks to tote their own snack, toys and crayons to church.
santa also made them some super cute wooden blocks.
and got them some rain boots.
{santa was tired of their leather boots getting wet.}
santa also gave them some doll beds for their dolls that have been hidden in their closet the last 6 months.
{they're a re-gift. santa bought them for them when they were just months old and they didn't play with them much. and they STILL don't. sigh. they're so pretty!}

little ezra got some super fancy rattles and sophie the giraffe.
the twins each got a sophie for their first christmas, so it seemed fitting to give ezra one as well.
that santa is so smart.

coming down the stairs...

ezra slept through the whole thing.

the girls loved the blocks santa i made them...

they loved their new sunnies too.

little man finally woke up!

he's the best christmas present.
earl surprised me with some fabulous anthropologie goodies.
he knows me well.

we had two more christmas celebrations after this one, so it made for a VERY long day.
a great day, but a long one for sure.
it was so nice having earl home for some family time.
vacations really are too short!

merry christmas!


  1. Ezra is gorgeous!

  2. Oh my gosh, I can't even handle them! Where did you get that giant ruler?!


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