Thursday, January 10, 2013

ezra // newborn + family of five

i am so in love with my little family.

these photos are divine.
the girls were INSANELY hyper that morning and i was a sobbing wreck because i just realized my c-section incision had reopened.
isn't picture day always crazy?
that's just life.
anyways, i love these pictures!
i will cherish them always.

i n   l o v e.

{photos by stephanie ryan photography}


  1. beautiful family...those pictures made me insanely baby hungry!!

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  3. They are all beautiful Erin!
    And yes, picture day is always cray cray. No matter how prepared you are it is always hectic. It's like the kids can sense something.
    I dread them but am so happy once they are done.

  4. gorgeous!!! you look so much like mom when she had me almost 40 yrs ago!!

  5. These pictures are so beautiful! Gorgeous family :)

  6. beautiful family! thrilled to have found your sweet blog! xo

  7. BEAUTIFUL pictures! These are amazing! With my next I will FOR SURE do newborn photos AT HOME. We did the package at the hospital...womp womp. NO GOOD. But that will be different next time! These are amazing!


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