Saturday, January 5, 2013

ezra // 1 month

my little boyfriend.
one month old.

loves to be swaddled.
loves to coo and sometimes giggle.
doesn't like to sleep on his tummy {unlike his sisters}.
loves to be rocked to sleep, but will wake up multiple times a night if i rock him to sleep. {???}
has a mean kick and loves to pump his legs.
he has the sweetest smile and cutest voice.
he sees my face and his face lights up.
he has my heart forever.

 every month i take pictures of him on the rocker in his nursery with his custom made crocheted blanket.

and here he is at one week old...

he's growing SO fast.
at his most recent doctor's appointment he was the exact same weight as olivia was at four months old.
granted she started out over two pounds smaller, but he's such a big, healthy boy!
it's a trip.
the twins wore newborn clothes until they were four months old and ezra has been out of them for several weeks.
i'm so glad he's going well because i was terrified that nursing wouldn't work out.
like waaaaaaaaay scared.
yay to no bottles.
yay to no formula.
yay to baby ezra!


  1. oh he is sooo cute! this hair, his mouth! just soooo adorible!
    happy first month!

  2. he is breathtaking! I love his hair!! Happy one month to Ezra!


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