Friday, January 18, 2013

candy kirby leggings

so...i've been working on a little something....

i started a shop selling leggings.
i designed the fabric.
i had it printed.
i cut it all up and sew it into adorable leggings.
today is my grand opening and i am offering 20% off this weekend only!


  1. Adorable leggings! Congrats on the shop!

  2. Okay...I'm obsessed with these leggings. Going to buy two for my littles. Quick question though.....would you sell the fabric by the yard.I'm re-doing my kids room and looking for awesome fabric to make them duvet covers. LOVE these prints SOOO much. You are blessed!



  3. This really is amazing! I found you through Casey Weigand, on IG, and have watched your GROW LIKE BANANAS over the last few weeks! It's amazing! Congrats girl on all the success! Very impressed with your work! Love these little leggings! The fabric is amazing!!!!!! Way to go girl!

  4. These are my go-to leggings. They are thick, fit beautifully and so far the color has not faded in the wash. I highly recommend just my size capris .


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