Wednesday, December 19, 2012

yesterday we went on a walk

i kinda can't believe i even attempted a walk on my own with the three littles, 
but i'm so glad i did.
the weather was crisp and perfect.
there are about a million pictures in this post because 
{1} we were out for an HOUR and
{2} ezra was toasty warm in his stroller and slept almost the entire time.

olivia was insanely excited.
the picture on the bottom left picture looks like she's upset, but she's sooooo totally not.
she was probably so shocked mommy was the one actually taking them out and not daddy or one of the grandparents.

^^^ why does olivia look  SO OLD in this picture?! ^^^

hold hands!!

my water baby girl...
{she will be SO excited when santa brings her rain boots next week...}

always running away from mommy...

my three littles.

our cat, conan.
he's such a good sport.

^^^ death grip on that tail. ^^^

poor guy.

and they wonder why he runs away from them?

it was a great kitty cat hunting....

leaf collecting....

almost-running-into-the-street-and-giving-mommy-a-heart-attack walk.

yes, stella, i'm talking to you.

"no running towards the street!!"
"stay on the sidewalk!!!"
it only happened once, but i think it scared her.
i hope so.
it scared me pretty good!!

i usually stay home on their little walks.
it gives me some peace and gets their wiggles out.
when their daddy takes them out, he lets them call me from the gate and talk to me from the box.

they were trying to talk to "dada" this time.
they were so determined and actually called two people while i was trying to play my "patient mother" card by the pedestrian gate.
it didn't work.
they could've done that for hours.
they've totally got me outnumbered!

sometimes days with the three littles an seem loooooong.
since my parents are in town on a long visit, they come over and help out a lot.
on days where they aren't here and the husband is out of can be hard.
trying to keep three little people happy, alive and fed is more than a full time job.
it can totally feel overwhelming.
especially when it takes at least 20 minutes of prep work just to take a walk in the neighborhood,
{aren't you glad there's a but?}
i'm proud of myself for turning off sesame street and getting us out.
the windy day could've been a good excuse to stay in, but i'm so glad we got out.
i'm glad they got to collect leaves, jump in puddles and go kitty cat hunting.
i'm glad that i brought my camera and captured their beautiful smiles.
there are so many more pictures of olivia than stella because she was just so happy.
she stayed behind me most of the walk while stella either ran ahead or tried to push the stroller.
like tried to push me out of the way so she could push the stroller.
it's amazing how different their personalities are.
i'm so glad i get to watch them grow every day.
i'm so glad i get to see every single one of their "firsts."
and i hope i never take that for granted.


  1. i hang on every single word you type abt the little baby kittens and <3


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