Sunday, December 16, 2012

wannabe eggs benedict

my girls are insane eaters.
like craaaaaaaaaaazy eaters.
they probably eat as much as a normal adult eats.
so i'm always thinking about what i'm going to feed my bottomless pits next.

enter: eggs benedict.
my favorite kind of eggs.
my girls love eggs.
but they've had scrambled eggs like every which way.
with garlic, with pepper, with bbq sauce, covered in cheese, you name it, they've eaten it.
i don't like runny eggs {gag me}, so this is pretty much the only kind of eggs i'll be making them for a while.
i would love to poach some eggs, but let's be real, they're lucky they're not eating cereal off the floor at this point.
so i made hollandaise sauce.
with scrambled eggs.
and toast.
{because i didn't have any english muffins.
so it's totally a wannabe eggs benedict breakfast.
but you know what, they loved it.

here's proof:
{oh and they insisted on wearing their beanies. and i let them because they look so. freaking. cute.}  

they ate it ALL.
8 eggs worth.
love my little piggies!!


  1. i can't believe they eat that much. most toddlers eat one eggs worth of egg for a breakfast, if that. QUITE impressive. whats even more impressive is that you have twins two year olds and a newborn, and you are fixing them eggs benedict for breakfast!

  2. is Stella-ry Stalk at LEFTIE??? when you were all here this summer i was amazed at how much they ate! i was thinking abt it just last night because jason made his famous french toast :) the girlies couldnt eat me under the table now. we miss them!!


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