Thursday, December 13, 2012

the reality {and joys} of motherhood

sometimes {all the time?} things just don't go as expected.
i wanted a cute picture to send to daddy {who was working in north carolina} and they wanted to jump {olivia} and spin {stella}.
at least ezra was cooperating.

i posted this photo on instagram and one of my sweet instagram friends commented how she loved this photo more than if everyone was perfectly posed because this depicts real life.
i totally agree.
i love capturing candid moments like these.

my silly girls.
they keep me young and age me all at the same time.
just this evening i retreated to my bedroom to take a much needed shower.
sometimes i let the girls shower with me {usually when daddy is out of town and i don't have the energy to do the whole bathtub thing...} and the girls thought they were getting in the shower with me.
they were so upset when i went in there alone.
stella was trying to take off all her clothes and olivia was screaming her head off.
it was not the relaxing shower i had envisioned.
luckily their daddy came to our rescue and took them in the other room to calm them down.
i could still hear olivia's screams through the pounding shower water.
oh and the hitting, i could hear that too. she was hitting my bedroom door, begging to be allowed in.
they're SO going to hate me one day for sharing this story.
it was hilarious {and a tad annoying if i'm being honest}.
i was so close to giving in and letting them come in there with me.
they LOVE water.
they LOVE being with mama.
but that wouldn't have done either of us any favors.
i need my alone time and they need to learn to deal with disappointment.
now i totally get why my mom locked the bathroom door whenever she went in there.
it has come full circle.
the joys of motherhood.

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