Saturday, December 8, 2012

a little bass lake getaway

yesterday the littles and i went to one of our happy places with my parents.
it just so happens to be one of my mom's happy places as well, so it worked out perfectly.
our carpets were being cleaned, so we needed to be gone for a few hours.
that could have been achieved by running errands and going to the park, but that so routine.
i'm so glad we went up to bass lake, the weather was perfect!
65* and sunny in december?
it was so beautiful.
the water was low, but there wasn't another soul on the beach besides us and that made it even better.

i totally have water babies.
they kept walking INTO the lake.
the water is cold in the summer,  can't even imagine how cold it was yesterday.

my cute parents.
do they seriously look like they've been married 35 years?

the girls got so wet and so dirty.
i knew they would, so i packed their warm and fuzzy pajamas for them to wear on the ride home.

after a quick outfit change for the girls, we went to ducey's and had lunch outside overlooking the lake.
it was gorgeous!
{julie, i so wish you could have been there with us!}

 ezra was such a good sport the entire trip.
the only time he fussed was when it was time for him to eat or when he'd wake up from the car stopping.

he slept in his crib last night for the first time.
 usually anytime i put him in his crib he wakes up and starts screaming.
or he'll sleep for about 20 minutes, wake up and start screaming.
{dude, it's a comfy mattress and a pretty room, what's the deal?}
but yesterday he napped for about 3 hours in it, no problem.
so i thought, "maybe he's ready?"
{my mom has been suggesting it, as well as husband, i'm the one that's been hesitant having him that far away. and my house is tiny, so it's really not that far, but his bassinet is usually 4 feet away, so anything further than that is far to this mama bear....}
so last night i laid him down in his crib around 11pm.
i didn't hear a peep until 6:20am!
he normall sleeps that long in his bassinet, so i'm glad he's happy in his crib.
i nursed him and he slept for another two hours.

aaaaaaaand a little funny story before i go.
last night hubby was giving the twins their nightly bath and was rinsing out stella's hair with a cup.
some water accidentally got in her eyes and earl thought it would be funny to play a little trick on her.

backstory: stella likes to assign blame to her sister. if there is a mess or she does something she knows she's not supposed to, she blames it on olivia by shaking her head and saying, "Uh oh! Sissy do!!!!" even when i've SEEN HER commit the crime.

so as stella was rubbing the water out of her eyes, earl said to her, "Uh oh! Sissy do!!!"
stella looked at her daddy with this pained little face, points at him and replies, "NO!! DO!!!!!"
{blaming him for getting the water in her eyes.}

when he told me this story i must have laughed for three whole minutes.
oh, these girls of mine.
they're too silly and too smart.
i'm in trouble!


  1. happy place are soo magical! good to hear that you guys do have a magical happy place <3


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