Wednesday, November 14, 2012

our lately...

my boys.
my sleepy, wonderful boys.

baby feet!

two weeks old.

checking out his crib for the first time.

those lips?
i die.

i accidentally dressed him like freddie kruger on halloween.
he didn't like it.

 one of our first family outings was a walk to the elementary school near our house.

the girls were loving their frisbee and their giant ball.

olivia kept running and kicking this ball over and over.
she's getting pretty good!

uh oh!
where's ezra?!

my little burrito man on election day.
{he was sad the elephants didn't win.}

yes, i know he wears these pants a lot....
this was one of the few clothing purchases i made before giving birth.
he's got plenty of clothes now.

then and now.
our first family pictures.

ezra isn't sleeping in his crib yet, but i usually put him in it when i go upstairs to get the twins after nap time .

they love their little brother so much.

ezra has scored some pretty sweet clothes from family and friends.
i love this little outfit auntie a and uncle j gave him. 

the other day i took some pictures of ezra in his nursery.

he's just too much.
too much cuteness in one tiny bundle!

olivia likes to help feed ezra every chance she can get.
while she can't help with nursing, she loves to hold his bottle.
usually she's only interested for about 4 seconds then wants to run off and play.

this face that she makes kills me.

it looks a little scary in this photo, but really it's cute and hilarious in person.

these pics are blurry, but i was holding ezra while trying to focus and take these pictures.
this girl is hilarious.

i love that she and stella are generally okay with walking around in only one shoe.
they are constantly being told to share and do so pretty well with few exceptions {like sippy cups, drinks, snacks and crayons. it's not worth the fight to try and make them share those most days}.

there is a surprising lack of photos of stella in this post.
don't worry, she's still around!
she was probably sitting at her little table coloring when all of these pictures were taken.
she LOVES to color.
she loves it so much that she FREAKS OUT when i take her crayons or markers away so she can eat.
it's adorably sad.

what else is sad is ezra is sick.
we have tried so hard to keep him away from a sick daddy and sick twinnies, but he got it anyways.
poor baby!

also, today is my hubby's birthday.
he's the best husband and daddy i could ask for.
he works so hard for our family.
he's the best.
i love you, duke!!


  1. Oh my, Ezra is absolutely perfect. I forgot they start out that size!

  2. Loved this update on your big-little family! And I really love your new blog header! It's so perfect :)

  3. Those little moccasins are the cutest. The girls really look happy to have a baby brother and he is just the most handsome little man. Congrats momma! Your family is absolutely beautiful

  4. i already love him! congrats on this perfect little, black haird baby boy!

  5. your babies are the kind of babies that make other people REALLY want to have babies. so precious!

  6. your babies are so cute. i love their clothes! where do you find them?


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