Friday, November 2, 2012

my babies

my girls are growing up so quickly.
i knew that they were going to seem so much older once baby #3 arrived, but even knowing and expecting that, it has still surprised me.

: : : stella duke : : :

stella's vocabulary has tripled in the last few weeks.
most of the words she says aren't the proper pronunciation {of course, she isn't even 2...}, but she tries to say SO many words.
moon, home, hat, bottle, baby {it used to be buh-bee but now it's bay-bee!} and many other words that i totally can't even think of right now.
one of stella's favorite phrases is, "uh oh!" she says it probably 200 times a day. it's sweet and hilarious because she says it at the funniest times, mostly when an "uh oh!" isn't even necessary.

: : : olivia kirby : : :

daddy and the girls went to church alone this week and olivia didn't. even. cry. when earl dropped her off. that's amazing. yay!
olivia has surprised me in being somewhat of a little thrill-seeker.
at our ward's trunk or treat she rocked riding the mini pony while her sister was a tad freaked out. i wish i could've been there, but i do have the best husband in the world that captured it on video for me.
olivia is getting pretty good at doing impressions. she imitates my post-op old lady shuffle and it's hilarious. she's such a goofy girl.

: : : ezra james : : :

okay, that was weird to type.
it actually brought tears to my eyes.
my little ezra.
he is such a dreamy little baby.
he only cries when he's hungry {so far} and he's just so cuddly and sleepy and adorable.
he's 7 days old today!
he's sleeping on my chest as i type. i don't want to put him in his bassinet. :)
ah, he's the best.
he's a champ nurser, which is totally new to me. i had to start supplementing with formula for the twins from the very beginning and quickly lost my milk supply 8 weeks after {while mostly pumping}. so this is new. wonderful, but new.
he's lost some of his birth weight, but we are on track to getting it back where it should be.
he's got long fingers and toes. but maybe they're not that long. maybe they're just normal compared to my tiny fingers and even tinier toes.
i totally need to get better at changing a boy's diaper. i'm so NOT fast enough for this. i'll get better, right?

this is now one of my most favorite photos of our little family of five. i guess a family of five can't really be considered little? i think my minivan would agree. so maybe we aren't small in number, but we are small in size with three kids under two.

we are smitten, can you tell??


  1. You all look so content. A little family together... enjoying one an other. Beautiful post, and beautiful pictures! Enjoy the baby snuggles and baby smells - you'll get better at those diaper changes!

  2. You are incredible! Your family is beautiful! Congratulations on new little Ezra! And your girls are sooo adorable!

  3. tender. but i have to ask....are the twinners wearing fur??

  4. just found your blog and wow, i cannot tell you how happy this post made me. you have the most beautiful family. the pictures of your twins at the grocery store are too adorable for words, and your new son is so precious! love love love!


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