Wednesday, October 3, 2012

who needs a chair when you have a shopping cart?

like i've said before, the twins' personalities are just bursting out of their little bodies.

prepare yourself for some major cuteness and for some twinnies that look 
so big.
they're such little girls now!

they each have little shopping carts and love to sit on them like this.
they also adore those giant pettiskirts.
they found them in their closet and they can't get enough of them.
whenever i take them off they bring them back to me and lift one of their legs so i can slip them on them.
so funny.

little cheeseball stella totally posing.
they both put on a smile when they see my big black camera up at my face.
i'll be so sad when they decide my camera isn't cool anymore!

one of my favorite things that stella does it say her letters.
we watch pbs in the mornings and she will just sit and watch and say, "a...o...e...t...a...." and spell her own little words.

i love my silly girls.
so much.
{i hope they always know that, even when i have to be the mean mom and make them go to sleep and not play with everything in their closet!}


  1. Such a cute post! Your girls are so cute. I love how Stella was posing for the camera. So sweet!



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