Friday, October 19, 2012

random friday: take forty six

i have been in hustle and bustle mode trying to get everything ready for the new baby to arrive!
my to-do list is about a mile long, but i've been tackling it {and adding new stuff to it} daily.
i only have a couple of things left to do.
which is a miracle.
luckily i've had some help from friends and family on a few things. :)

one thing that has frustrated and baffled me to no end is the girls' room.

my lovely, sweet little girls have discovered their closet AND dresser and all of the lovely things inside them.

every nap time and
every bedtime would result in the above photo.
i would make them help me clean the room before morning milk and dinner.
i would talk to them about them how to clean and put things back.....they didn't care.
at all.
of course, they're not even 2!
what was i thinking??

so i stopped cleaning it up.
why bother?

then that drove me nuts.
i took out everything from the floor of the closet.
{all the fun, shoes, etc.}
then they started pulling all their clothes off of the hangers.
{they have two bars of clothes and would demolish the bottom bar.}

clothes everywhere.

so we bought them sliding door closet locks.
two days of no messes.
then they broke it.
so i fixed it and put another one up.
and then they broke that one too.

so after much talk and much brainstorming, we came up with some good solutions.
we thought about tension rods, pvc pipes, internal drawer locks, etc.
what won was belting, parachute clasps and gate hardware complete with screws, nuts and bolts.
and no, i'm not kidding. 

so far it's been 7 days of no-mess bliss.

in all this chaos the girls were also having some sleeping issues.
they were sleeping together almost every bedtime and nap time.
{stella finally stopped sleeping on the floor in front of the door! yay!}
it was really cute to see them all cuddled up together.
but almost every bedtime and nap time stella would thrash around in her sleep and wake olivia up.
then i'd have to go up there {i hate stairs, by the way} and have the task of uncomfortably trying to rock olivia back to sleep.
it's quite hard with this big belly!
i love the rocking part, i just hate the uncomfortable part.
our old positioning doesn't work anymore.
{i'm so excited and grateful for the reason of the uncomfortableness, but it's just an adjustment!}

so in my crazy tying-to-fall-asleep-thinking i decided that i should take away the girls' cribs and let them sleep together on two pushed-together mattresses.
they want to sleep together, so why not give them some room, right?
and they're almost 2, lots of kids transition to big beds around this time, right?

so away the cribs went.
just days before baby #3's crib came back here from utah.
maybe the girls are over cribs.
maybe we won't have 3 cribs up.
good thing i didn't buy a third crib and had that one that we sent to utah {to my parent's house}, right?

yeah, well our bad sleeping issues just got worse with my grand idea to take away the cribs.
naps were practically non-existant.
and if you've ever met my girls, you know that they are sleepers and need their sleep.

so two days later the cribs came back.

i was so desperate to get them back upstairs early one morning i carried everything back upstairs {see why i'm hating on my stairs?} myself and put them together before even changing the girls out of their morning diapers.
it took forever.
mostly because my "helpers" kept running off with my screws, but partly because i can't quite bend and reach like i used to!

what a beautiful sight.
order restored.

the girls have managed to break one of the bed rails, but luckily i was able to fix it.
i tell ya, i seriously never know what i'm going to find when i go into their room after bedtimes and nap times.


i joined a site called thredUP where you can buy very gently used children's clothes.
i got all of the above, plus shipping for just over $20.
click here to join and we both get $10 credits.


i made this cute little headband for my sister's best friend's baby and i think i need to make some for the twinnies!
so cute!


earl's cousin got married a couple of weeks ago.
figuring out what to wear was an adventure.

all i know is my post-wedding, pre-reception meal was fantastic.

gangnam style!


it's fair time!
we took the girls for the first time {i think they were sick last year? maybe that's why we didn't go?} and they looooooved the animals.

stella looks like a giant here.
she's an inch and a half taller, all in her legs.
{she's 35.5" tall. doesn't that seem insanely tall?! the average 2 year old is 34". we may have a tall girl in our house...}
they loved the little piggies.

but olivia was a little scared of the chickens whenever they got close to her.

she quickly recovered once she saw all of the bunnies!

 the fair usually has pretty amazing cinnamon rolls, but this year's rolls left me disappointed.
so i made my own.
 and i put two pans in the freezer to enjoy after the baby is born.
i'm going to be a happy girl when i bake those up.


an item that i added to my to-do list was a table for the girls.

i already had the tabletop and bought some legs and hardware at lowe's to put it all together.
my favorite thing about this table is that i can just screw off the legs and add different, longer legs as the girls grow.

olivia is a fan for sure.

i put the plaid blanket over the top to make it into a fort, but she didn't care.
she just wanted to stand on it in her favorite twirly skirt.
she seriously never wants to take that thing off.
it's hilarious.

we had a few fabulous days of fall weather here and the girls actually go to wear sleeves!
i put the beanies on them just for the picture, stella kept wanting to take hers off and on and off and on and off and was driving me crazy.
i have some super cute flowers i'm going to add to those beanies, eventually.

our fall decor is up...

we went to the mall to get the girls some new kicks and i totally gave into them and let them play in the fountain.

it was a little cool out, but they loved it so much.
they got soaked!
warm blankets and a cozy car heater got them warm in no time.


baby #3's nursery is nearly complete!

i love this room.
it's such a cozy space.
and 85 sq ft is pretty cozy.
but it's perfect.
it's such a pretty little space that deserves it's own post.
once the baby arrives i'll add a few finishing touches and take pics and post them all, don't you worry.


we went to target the other night to pick up a few things and the girls had their own shopping list to take care of...

it was hilarious.
i grabbed the basket, olivia wanted to carry it, so i handed it to her and before we knew it, she dragged it over to the halloween candy and she and stella started filling it up.

stella handed me a bag and signed the sign for "more."
funny girl.
luckily they were easily distracted with all the halloween decor that their daddy steered them toward so i could put all of the candy back.
nice try, ladies!


belly shot at 38 weeks.

i'm now 39 weeks and only have 4 more days left until baby #3 comes!!
i still can't believe that i'm pregnant.
none of my pregnancies have been easy or have come when i thought they would...but looking back they all were timed perfectly...if that even makes sense.

i put together a little gift basket of treats and prezzies for the girls for when i'm in the hospital.

they are so used to having me around 24/7 that i wanted to get them some fun things to make it a little easier on my mom/earl/whomever to distract them with some fun new things.
olivia and stella seem to like anything on wheels, so they have 4 little hot wheels to play with.
they're obsessed with bubbles, so a six-pack seemed necessary.
and if you know my girls, you know they love to eat.
so they have some cinnamon apple sauce, pumpkin pancake and waffle mix, yogurt covered raisins and marshmallows + chocolate chips to add to their jar of cheerios that i keep on the counter for them to snack on.
they've never had pay-doh before, so that is going to be an adventure...perhaps i should apologize to earl and my mom now?


i finally got my fabric and elastic in to make...

...this skirt.

i have to measure my old clothes to see what size to make it since i can't really measure my body.
but it's a pretty forgiving pattern so i think it'll be fine.


i'll be pretty busy after monday, so i'm not sure how often i'll be able to update the blog.
i'll probably be posting pretty regularly on instagram {love that app}, so check us out at @candykirbydesigns, by clicking the instagram image on the left sidebar or by clicking here.

only 4 more days until we meet our little one!
i'm still sticking to my guns and thinking boy, but there's a small part of me that isn't completely convinced and is excited for a girl!
{i had a dream before i got pregnant with the girls that i had a little boy that was the spitting image of his father. and earl was a cuuuuuuuuuuuute baby. i'm kinda hoping this is my little man that i dreamed about! if it's not, then i'm gonna be a little confused! ;)}

so whatcha think?

wish me luck with another c-section!


  1. i always think the blog i'm currently reading for you is my fave but THIS ONE IS MY FAVE!!!! i cant wait for the new baby and the girlies are growing up so fast and they are so tender! we miss all of you and hope to see you ALL so soon!!! i love you sissy

  2. Super cute. I'm due next week, so good luck! I feel ya! I'm also down to just a couple items left in all the preparations. We miss you at Millbrook now Fresno 5th. Sarah

  3. Totally thinking BOY!!! Can't wait to find out :)
    And did the skirt fabric turn out like you thought it would be? Good quality? Thinking I need to get some!!

  4. Aww, you have a beautiful family! A month from now, I'll be having my first-born, too. I'm scared but my husband is busy preparing. One time, I heard him talk woth someone over the telephone. He wanted to have personalized baby cots in Perth. Sweet!

  5. I love how adorable your family is. It's just the most beautiful thing in the world to see a happy family. I have one too and I am loud and proud about it. I am very fond of dressing my kids up with some funky baby clothes in australia.

  6. I can't imagine where you get all the energy for your angels. They're quit4e a handful, I can see that. Those beautiful toothless smile and eyes that are smiling too - blissful joy. Oh, and I love that special basket that the twins fit in. It reminded me of moses baskets australia that Mom got for me. It's now a family heirloom.

  7. I must say that your children are beautiful. Since I had a children of my own, I am so mad about babies hats. We made lots of knitted ones. It was quite the hobby as well.

  8. I noticed that they wear almost the same color of clothing but the other one is different. Do you make personalised baby clothes? Your kids looked great!

  9. Awww, the kids with their girls clothes look fantastic! It's amazing how kids grow up these days. Lovely family!

  10. Browsing your babies’ pics and stuffs makes me more excited with the coming of our first baby! I just do wonder if you can advise me on some positive discipline for toddlers ?

  11. Can you recommend baby shower themes that suits your baby? I think that my baby will be playful like them.

  12. I am very much happy after seeing your happy family. Kids are the back bone of a family. Wear them funky clothing to make them more fashionable. Try to keep your family more and happier.


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