Thursday, October 18, 2012

introducing little red and dorothy

this year stella and olivia are going to be little red riding hood and dorothy from the wizard of oz for halloween.
i just finished sewing their costumes yesterday and couldn't wait to get some cute pictures of the girls in their costumes.

so prepare yourself for some serious picture overload.

little red was not wanting to take pictures...

dorothy was in a much better mood...

{she's dancing}

my girlie girls LOVE dirt.

and running away from mommy...

they're going to have so much fun trick or treating this year!
hopefully i'll be able to join them, if even for only a few minutes.

5 more days 'til baby!!

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  1. omg!!! so cute! i loooove the corset ribbon on stella's costume! they look like little Disney characters!
    new baby in 5 days!!


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