Thursday, September 6, 2012

three littles


this entire pregnancy i have been absolutely convinced that we're having a boy.
like 95% positive.
it's mainly because i had a dream that we had a little boy that was an exact carbon copy of earl.
then we had the girls and i kinda just forgot about the dream.
now that we're going to have another baby, i'm thinking this is our little boy.

i've purchased a few boy onesies and some gender neutral pants just in case.

i've so dangerously been mentally preparing for having a boy, but not too much for having a girl.
so what if we have a girl?
i never really seriously considered it until i saw that picture above.
if we have a girl, she will have SO many clothes inherited from her older sisters.
we would have three little girls!
that would be a lot of fun.
they would love each other dearly and fight each other passionately.

in 46 days i'll have my c-section and we'll finally know for sure!
boy or girl, i'm ready, i'm prepared and i'm so excited to meet this new little person!


  1. 46 days!!!! ohmyword!!
    I am excited to find out.
    Have you even considered any girls names?

  2. I am so in love with your blog! Adorable kiddies and I am impressed you didn't find out what your new one is! I can't wait to read more as a new follower, come follow along

  3. love that picture! can't awit to see what you guys are having :)!


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