Tuesday, September 18, 2012

silly little videos

my girlies are almost 22 months old.
i can't believe they're almost two!
they are at such a fun age.
their personalities are bursting out of their bodies.
they really are turning into little people.
they're talking, their legs are losing all signs of baby fat, and they are making their likes and dislikes KNOWN. {the tantrums, oh my!}

here are a few little videos that i shot with my iphone recently...

{this video was taken after they decided to take EVERYTHING out of their dresser drawers during "nap time."}

they have gotten so much cuter {if that's even possible!}...

and SO sassy! {totally possible!}

{this is what olivia did when i told her to fold her arms!}

this new full-blown toddler phase is NO walk in the park, but it sure can be fun.


  1. they are so adorable!!!


  2. they are so cute :-) love them. when mine first entered this phase, I missed the baby, I love babies, but they are so funny and sassy indeed at this age, that you can't help but love them even more :-)

    Now I just wish I could keep her at this age!

    love from Belgium,


  3. those videos are so cute! and the last picture is hilarious!! haha. i swear you are superwoman or something! you do so many productive awesome things all the time and its obvious you are a great mother!



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