Friday, September 14, 2012

random friday: take forty four

it's  been over two months since i've done a random friday.
and to think i used to do them almost every week?!
man. i've been slackin'.
anywho, there has been a LOT going on.

 1. olivia is a sweaty little love sometimes. when she sleeps she almost always is wearing less clothing than her sister. she's a clammy one.
2. stella enjoying wall-e. and she's pretty proud of herself for putting that headband on all by herself.
3. i took the twins with me to get lab work done. not easy. even WITH tangled in tow.
4. got all OCD with my hangers. white ones are for shirts. blue ones are for maxi skirts. pink ones are for dresses. velvety pink ones are for's insane, i tell ya.
5. moved some of my sewing stuff into my master closet. i got rid of four trashbags of shoes and clothes to make that little room breathable. but i like it much better now!
6. watch out for twinnies with a shopping cart! they think it's a game to run into things. it's really funny when it's a metal shelf, but not so funny when it's your foot.
7. still prego, yo. and hubby calls me fran drescher  e v e r y t i m e  i wear that top. ugh.
8. i indugle. life's too short.
9. my bestie's baseball player hubby got called up for his major league debut! it was awesome. i cried. i'm such a baby.
1. the twinnies scored some awesome new threads. can fall please come sooner? pretty please??
2. after we play in the backyard and the twinnies are dirty and hot, we eat popsicles in the shower and then all take a shower together. it's a party.
3. granny quilt squares. cuz i can't stop.
4. i made pasta from scratch. i've wanted a pasta machine for  y e a r s  and treated myself to one with my ruffle blanket deal nightmare extravaganza profits. it totally fun to make, but i feel like i need three hands next time pulling it out of the machine while still cranking the handle. must grow another appendage.
5. popsicles in the shower - again! {don't worry, hubs got them the no sugar added nasty (to me) kind.}
6. stella loves costco samples. but who doesn't?
7. i scoured the internet in search for the perfect orange julius recipe. i didn't find one. i wanted one that would be easy and with ingredients i would always have on hand. {ie: no vanilla ice cream, no yogurt, no egg white powder, no orange soda, etc.} soooooo i came up with this. and it's legit. we may or may not have this almost every night now.
8. i messed up on this granny quilt square. i must learn my seam allowances! {who knew that 1/4" and 3/8" could rrreeaaalllllllyyy screw you up so much?!}
9. still knocked up. gettin' bigger.
 1. i have no words. other than when i opened the door to this tornado, stella just looked at me, shook her head and said, "huuuuuh uh." she escaped her crib jail. {her mattress was on the floor IN the crib. there's no way that's safe. time for toddler beds. tear.
2. toddler beds. i hate them.
3. auntie a teaching stella how to roll her tongue!
4. baby #3 countdown! {today it's 38 more days! eeek!}
5. swagger wagon. we bought a van. i'm a legit mom now. {kidding.}
6. holding hands while shopping at the mall = one of the cutest things ever.
7. the disney store is one of their happiest places on earth. really. it's like crack for babies. they got souvenirs this time: minnie mouse's!
8. nap time.
9. mommy's night out. i don't mess. 
1. nursery print choices. i chose the top right. can't wait for it to get here!
2. during my closet OCDness, i couldn't figure out where to put this USC cheerleader costume i made. so i decided to sell it. i asked some of my instagram friends if they wanted to buy it for $35 and no one wanted to. no worries. so i thought i'd give eBay a try. it sold for $150. whaaaa??? {reason being: no one makes/sells them! AND a little rich girl super USC fan bought it. it's amazing what you can find out on facebook and zillow...}
3. a beautiful blank canvas and new paint. nothing more inspiring. nothing more frustrating. but i love the outcome.
4. andy warhol campbell's soup and homemade french bread. i'm trying to coax fall over to this side of the country. it's not working.
5. more homemade bread and some homemade jam for a friend's birthday. woulda been SUPER cool if i'd made some homemade butter too. but then again, i'm not martha stewart.
6. part of the new painting for the new nursery!
7. toddler bed nightmare = a mama improvising. two cribs are better than one, right?
8. olivia's a fan, stella is not. she got out four times in five minutes. then i wasn't a fan either. over an hour later she was still awake.
9. the beginnings of halloween costumes.
1. cd's and dvd's of my babies. i backed up my external hard drive. cause i would want to die a thousand deaths if i lost any of the 12,000+ photos i've taken of them just in their first year.
2. olivia's disdain for my OB appointments. send help. gummy worms, apple juice and blocks don't even crack a smile. she cries the entire time i'm not rightnexttoher. poor love.
3. again, i hate toddler beds. i have since added a lock on the closet door, a lock on the doorknob and a lock over the outlet plug that their ipod dock plugs into. things are  s l o w l y  getting better. but every nap time/bed time, stella falls asleep in front of the door. i have to push the door open and squeeze my very pregnant self through the door, pick her up, sway with her and put her back in her crib. every. time. silly girl.
4. yarn pom poms for dayzzzzz.
5. pom pom garland and tailored curtains for the new nursery.
6. the twinnies have a sixth sense when it comes to knowing when i remove a toy or block of theirs from the subwoofer speaker. they always put it back. one day i'm sure i'll miss seeing funny little things like this around the house. so in twenty years from know, you can guarantee i will BAWL when i see this picture. it almost makes me sad now just thinking about it!
7. apparently sticking a spoon in your nose is the funniest thing ever.
8. stella is so much like her mama with our joint love of bread. pray that we never develop a gluten intolerance.
9. every morning the twinnies have their morning bottle while watching PBS cartoons and snuggling with their blankies, minnie's and panda. i tell them to go and lay on their pillows and they settle themselves right in. liv lounges - look at that foot!
love them.


dude, isn't this fab??

i'm totally making myself this skirt.
i really hate that there aren't any fabulous fabric stores in town, so i've ordered a swatch of some pretty organic cotton jersey fabric in hopes that it is just right for this skirt.
{this is actually a strapless dress  AND $200+, so i'm going to make it a skirt. with a snazzy waistband. and i hate maxi dresses anyways. they never fit me right!}
hopefully it hides the post-baby pooch well.
but that's what that big sweater is for, right?

happy weekending!


  1. what a cute post. love how your twins act with each other. and it makes me miss my sisters sooooo much :(

  2. Girlfriend commenter above needs to get a grip. Yikes.

    I personally ADORE Your blog!!!!
    Two questions... did you use a pompom maker for your pom poms? And also where did you order your jersey fabric for the skirt from? I've been on the hunt for some great jersey fabric online and have came up empty handed.

    Have a good morning with your girls!

  3. loves loves!! homegirl posting above needs to get a grip. its a blog-not blueprints for NASA.

  4. hannah: thanks! they can be really sweet with each other...sometimes! :)

    ashley: heck yes i used a pom pom maker! i used the clover one. i made a tutorial here:

    and i got the jersey from i just ordered the swatch last night, so i rrreeaaaaallllllyyyy hope it's a good, thick jersey. i've made the mistake of buying yards sight unseen and have always been disappointed!

    ames: you always know how to make me laugh, sissy! miss you!

  5. your babies are the cutest! and fab is right about this skirt! i've been searching for a yellow skirt like this for months. you'll have to let me know if the fabric you ordered works out.


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