Friday, September 28, 2012

random friday: take forty five

gettin' large and in charge.

and making progress on the new nursery...

while making some fun stuff for baby's first picture...

my cutie pies love them some splash pad time...

and i love me some stripes.


and just in case this little bun in the oven is a girl, i put my scissors and felt to work.

baby's coming home outfit...

my sweet friend kristina made these adorable headdresses for the twins and i couldn't wait to put them on the girls' heads.
they're so adorable on them.
i can't wait to do a fun photoshoot with them!


the other night i wanted sushi.
{it wasn't really raw, calm down.}
and the girls did surprisingly well.

they ate their goldfish {with chopsticks} as well as edamame and most of their daddy's teriyaki chicken bento box.
i ate two whole rolls.
it was lovely.

what else is pretty lovely is that this little girl is finally getting used to the nursery at church.

that's a big deal, folks.
she only cried for about five minutes when i left and she gave the girl watching her a hug, wave goodbye and a "love you!"


{and it's totally not cool enough to be wearing long sleeves, but this poor thing had two nasty "sissy bites" on her arms, i couldn't bear anyone seeing them. keep reading, it'll make more sense in a minute.}

and it's also not warm enough to be wearing beanies, but i knitted myself one.

it was supposed to be for the girls, but this is what happens when you just start knitting without a pattern.
so now i have a beanie!
pom pom or no pom pom?

stella has become part vampire.
she bites olivia when they're supposed to be napping.
like really bites.
poor liv.
she screams bloody murder when it happens and i know instantly that she's been bitten.
the other day she let me rock her to sleep after her sissy bit her on her back.

of course i had stuff i was planning on doing, but i was happy for the distraction.
she's going to be my baby for only 25 more days.
she's a baby still in so many ways, but a little toddler girl in most ways.
i mean, look that those baby legs melting away?

unfortunately for olivia & stella, their room is the warmest room in the house.
it's fabulous in the winter, not so fabulous in the summer.
that's why she's only wearing shorts. 

almost a year ago i installed these hooks in the girls' bathroom.
i ripped out the towel bar and added four double hooks.

i will seriously do this in every bathroom the girls will have until they leave the nest.
i found some yummy goooooooood quality towels on clearance {$2.48!} and made some more hooded towels for them.
i made one about 10 months ago and never got around to making more.
so i'm finally making more!

my girls have trashed their room - again.

this was today.
it's getting really old.
they're so dang quiet when they do it too!
they can pull open the heavy dresser drawers and throw their clothes around the entire room.
they have taken to emptying out their closet too.
i bought a childproof sliding door lock thingy.
they broke it.
they broke in.
they started pulling their clothes off the's so unbelievably frustrating.
but i have plans and tricks that i'll be implementing this weekend.
hopefully they work.
they aren't going to beat me on this one.

oh and to add to the girls' room drama, i took their cribs apart today.
no more cribs.
gee, i'm so glad i bought those toddler bed rails.
stella used to crawl out of her crib {or toddler bed} every night and sleep right in front of the door, so if i ever opened it, if i didn't do it slowly, i'd smack her with it.
so every night i would slowly open the door hoping she would move or roll over so i could squeeze my big bellied self in and move her to her bed.
now she likes to sleep with olivia, in her bed.
with their blankies.
and animals.
and dolls...
it makes for one crowded bed.
plus stella is a thrasher when she sleeps and almost always hits or kicks olivia, causing her to wake up and cry.
not cool.
this happened sooooo many times i figured they needed a bigger bed.
having just spend like $100 on those stupid bed rails, i'm not going to go out and buy them a big bed.
so they are sleeping on their mattresses on the floor.
for now.
we'll see how this goes.
the plan has always been to have them share a full sized bed, but i don't know if we're there yet.
see how crazy it can be having twins that share a room?
such an adventure, i tell ya.
double the joy and double the frustration.
it's going to be so weird just having one newborn to take care of.
i swear i'll probably never put that baby down.
i always had to juggle the girls and never felt like i got to hold them enough.
so don't ask to hold the baby, i might just not let you.
{kidding. not kidding. for reals.}

so yeah, our week in a nutshell.
next week i'll be sharing a fun printable i made when i doorbell ditched some goodies at some friends houses.
note to self: think "doorbell ditching" through next time you're 9 months pregnant.
didn't think that through.
i can't run!
or i should say, i can't run without it hurting something!
don't worry, we're fine.
and i'm 36 weeks!


  1. I think you were a little older when we put your crib mattress on the floor. I called dad one day in total panic cause I could not find you - he told me to look in your bed - I thought he was making me waste valuable time getting the police to find you . . . you were on the floor, in your bed, with pad, sleeping the deepest sleep ever. The twinnies will be just fine - look how well you turned out!

  2. So many fun things to comment about in this post but I think I will just tell you what an incredible mother you are! two adorable twin toddlers and another almost here, and you are crafting like crazy. I am in love with the nursery! So cute!

  3. I laughed a lot at some of the sushi comments you got on instagram! People should know you're taking good care of yourself! Also, my sister just had her second baby, and her doctor cleared her to eat whatever sushi she wanted (she's also in crazy good shape, but whatever), because the ladies in Japan do just fine!

    I have 20 nieces & nephews, and as much as I hog those children, I always say that when its my own, I am never letting go. I love me some newborns.

    You're such a good mama!


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