Tuesday, August 7, 2012

what we've been up to the last month...

this is the longest blog post ever that will just keep on giving.
i swear, there's at least 100 photos here.
so i may have been holding out for a month, but i'm bringing it now.
prepare yourself.
there's going to be a whole lot of food pictures, ruffle blanket pictures and utah pictures.

here goes...

super proud of her super not cool mess.

the best daddy in the whole wide world.

noooooooot quite ready to feed themselves yogurt.

yeah, totally not ready.


hungry pregnant mama target run.



first experience with wooden puzzles.


just a tad irreverent.

i make the most bomb BLTs ever.

big girl.

the calm before the shots.

ruffle blankets for dddaayyyssss.

pioneer woman's cinnamon rolls.
worth every minute of preparation.
i made this icing {frosting} instead of her coffee icing....cuz i don't drink coffee.
the recipe makes a ton, so freeze a couple little pans of them in the freezer for later.

i don't even have words.

he left us for a week during the ruffle madness.


^ what the hubs was doing... ^

^ what i was doing. ^

i want one of these right now.

no more of that.

just more that.

that totally looks like $700 worth of postage, right?
: : : shaking head : : :

stella's a clepto.

you don't wanna know.

giving sissy hhhuuugggsssss.
{can't you tell olivia was thrilled?}

"sissy! that girls shoes totally don't match her outfit!!"

family pictures headbands for the girlies!

rolling rosies for a new necklace...


my precious.

mama's night out.

family picture time!

baby bump!

 photos courtesy of stephanie ryan photography.
she's gifted.
book her.

catching up on our periodicals...

with panda...

...and elephant, of course.

my sister and her baby girl, padgett, came over for a visit.

to say that my girls were enamored with the "buh-bee" {baby} is an understatement.

my best friend was kind enough to let us crash her pool one very warm day when she was out of town...

they LOVE the water.

she's got swagger.

i will be so sad when the twins grow out of these adorable little anchor swim suits.

i made a maternity wrap top.
it's part comfy/part mummy feeling.

running around the airport like they own the place.

the perfect plane toy. worth every penny.

1am party animals.
grammy and grandpa's house in utah is so fun, who needs sleep!
{i do.}

parade time!

the loot.

popcorn and war movies with grandpa, what's not to love?

twinnie nappers.

looking so BIG.

on our way to salt lake!

ikea shoppin'.

we ventured up to salt lake for a couple nights and stayed with my friend katie one night and my sister the other night.
katie also has twin girls and my girls were in heaven with their twinnie friends!

our friend brenda also has twin girls.
we met up at city creek and let the monkeys run loose after a little shopping.

taking over h&m.

our version of sextuplets.

brenda's girls.

katie's girls.

always a blur of motion.

someone's a little wet?
she was dripping from head to toe with the BIGGEST smile on her face.
that girl loooooooves her some water.

the supermamas.
brenda, katie and i.
brenda's girls are a few months older than my girls and katie's are a few months younger.
you wouldn't believe the stares we got.

mommy's night out with miss katie.
this pasta was SO good.
the waiter kept trying to take my plate away WHILE i was eating.
when i said i wasn't done, he said, "ok. i'll give you a few minutes."
the restaurant wasn't even busy, so they didn't need our table. 
{i would understand if they did, but still.}
let's just say i wasn't overly generous with his tip.
{he also took about 10 minutes to get us water and i had to ask multiple times for things. not cool.}

my belly cast done 12 hours before i had the twins!

sleepy babies on the way back to grammy and grandpa's house.

priming the crib for the new baby!

cafe rio.

"gardening" for grammy.

i spy a nakie baby!!

i love her.

dipping blankie in the bird bath, then licking it??


the sweetest little curls.

the crib got it's first coat of color.
thankfully i have a kind mother that is going to do the second coat for me, then bring it back to california in october.
{love you, mom!}

my parents bought the girls the coolest pool to play with when we were there.
it rained everyday.
it was finally warm enough down there when we were up in salt lake {figures} and on our last full day.
so out it came!!
the girls had a blast....

on the 4 hour drive to the airport, the girls were getting a little antsy and we stopped by the saint george temple to let them run their little legs off.

it was a great trip.
 once the girls figured out how to open doors, it because a little less fun.
 and they also got colds towards the end, so i had significantly less sleep and patience.
 but it was all worth it!
i don't think we'll make it next year...i for sure can't fly alone with the twins anymore, they're too much to handle!
AND we'll have another baby.
i'm good, but i'm not that good.

the day after we got back my girlfriend ashley hosted a boutique sale with lots of vendors and a cake decorating class.
it was nice to have some mommy time!

i still have some ruffle blankets available if you missed out on the very jane sale last month!
{$20 for the 36"x36" size and $35 for the 54"x50" size}

and here is a 27 weeks belly shot!

i'm already 28 weeks {7 months!!!} and am starting to feel it. i get tired a lot easier and i'm starting to nest. i want to reorganize every inch of my house!
i have so much to do.

yet, i'm cutting out little squares to make this quilt.

i can't wait make it.
{don't worry, i know i'm crazy. the zig zag/chevron quilt is almost done, i'm hand sewing the binding and then it's finished! maybe i'll be able to finish it when we go up to the cabin this weekend!}

congratulations, you've made it through the longest blog post EVER!
we are running away with our friends to a cabin this weekend.
there's going to be lots of food and sun and lake lounging.


  1. Love all of the pictures! Your girls are just so darn cute!! Your belly bump is adorable as well. Pretty much, I just loved everything about this post. xo.

  2. I had not seen many of these pics - so many - love them!!

  3. I would love to exchange some emails with you...I just had my twin girls 9 weeks ago! I'm interested in the blankets, and also have some other questions in general. When/if you have some time, I'd love to hear from you! my email is aejamba@hotmaildotcom

    You look fabulous with your pregnancy! I loved all the beautiful pics!


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