Thursday, August 23, 2012

family pictures times two

the day before the twins and i went to utah, we had family pictures taken.
the last family pictures we had we taken last november...
 and i don't think i ever shared them!
here they are...

oh, my girls have grown so much.
i hope they can fit into those darling coats again this year!

ok, so back to our new pictures.

i wanted to do a theme.
the only slot available was saturday at 9 am.
so that made me think of breakfast.
and why not some macarons and palmiers too?

and how fun would a breakfast picnic be?!

our photographer still hadn't selected a location, so i scouted one.
there is a gooooooooooorgeous victorian home walking distance from our home that i love to look at every time i drive or walk by it.
but i don't know the owners.
and i rrrrrrrreally wanted to take our pictures on their beautiful property.
and who says no to a pregnant person??

so literally the day before i drive up their driveway, waddle up their front steps and knock, knock, knocked on their front door.
luckily the owner, carol, is the nicest woman ever.
she graciously said yes.
so my vision became a reality.....

our new little one will be here in 8 weeks!!

{i made the girls' headbands and necklaces.
their shirts were from the boy's section at carter's.
my gingham top is actually a dress from abercrombie & fitch.
and i made my necklace the night before.}

thank you, stephanie, for continuing to make us look better than we actually do!
{i'm excited for another newborn session with you too!}
and thank you amy for the yummy macarons!
all images copyrighted by stephanie ryan photography.


  1. So beautiful! Both times, I love the way your family interacts and smiles, and I love how she captured that on camera!

  2. OMG the twins look so different from each other now... and go hot mama! you are looking great!

  3. Love these photos - so cute! And you are the cutest preggo!!! xo

  4. Wonderful, wonderful photos!! I absolutely love the girls headbands - do you sell them?

  5. are you kidding me right now!? I don't know if I have ever seen cuter family pictures! Those girls are too cute for words. Wow. I want twins now.

  6. what beautiful family portraits! cutest twin girls ever. As a twin, there's no relationship like it. <3


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