Friday, August 31, 2012

dear twinnies,

once upon a time you used to be little...

and now you're not so little...

you're little people now!
you're little girls with personalities much bigger than your bodies.

i've been working on your photo album book. it's on my giant "MUST-do-before-baby-comes" list.
during the first 52 weeks of each of your lives, i wrote down a sentence or two or even a few paragraphs with little stories of your development, likes, dislikes, etc.
i also took over 12,000 photos of you two.
i know, crazy.
i had to move almost all of the pictures over to an external hard drive just so i could get my laptop to work properly.
so i'm compiling these photos with words for each week.
it's so crazy seeing how much each of you have grown.
i'm SO GLAD i wrote down those little memories because i've already forgotten a lot of them.
how cruel is that?
first you grow up and second i forget the cute little things you used to do.
not fair.

so, my darlings, here is a little letter to you on your 21 month-old birthday.

dearest stella,

you are such a spitfire.
you are wickedly smart and i can just see the wheels turning in your head when you're trying to figure something out. it usually doesn't take you that long, either.
you are very determined.
just now, as i'm typing this, you are locked in the laundry room. i'm resting because i have caught your cold {that you are now completely over} and you were trying to help your daddy with the laundry, but you loooooove to close doors. the sad thing is that you don't know how to open them yet. {sad for you, good for me.} you tried at least 20 times to turning the knob to try and get yourself out. when i finally let you out, we found that you had taken off the doorstop, turned all the dials on the washer and dryer and moved stuff around. i wondered what you were doing in there in between door knob turning attempts.

you are a thoughtful and compassionate little girl.
when sissy is fussing or crying, you will either pat her head, give her a blankie, give her the toy you're playing with, or a combination of all of those. you love your twinnie so much that whenever you are separated (even to just come downstairs one at a time) you call for your sissy. "SISSY! SISSY!!" you say it at least ten times.

you love to roughhouse, but you are sometimes a little scaredy-cat.
when we went to the zoo last week, you ran up to the stingray exhibit, climbed up on the ledge and dunked your hand in the water. but as soon as a stingray would start to swim up near your hand, you would pull it out of the water, climb down and run away {while fussing, of course}.

dearest olivia,

you are my mama's girl. i'm not going to pretend i don't love it because i totally do.
it does make me worry a little bit, though. you always like to be around me and cuddle right up next to me on the couch. i adore it, but you get very territorial! if sissy tries to sit on my lap or get close to me too, you fuss and push her away. no joke, you push her! hard! i just hope you don't lose your sweet little mind when this new baby comes around!

you love to talk and try new words.
"puh-la-puh-la" is your panda {AND you elephant, lol} and "show" is your shoe. you also like to say mama, dada, da {dog}, hi, bye, sissy, buuh {book}, among other words.
luckily you haven't mastered "no" yet!

you are a sassy little thing.
you like to stare us down, look at us with the corner of your eyes and make faces at us.

you don't like to be thrown in the air or held upside down. it freaks you out to no end.
as does the vacuum cleaner. STILL. just seeing it freaks you out and it only multiplies when i turn it on. you even get all shakey. it's the saddest thing ever.

you LOVE to eat.
you don't really turn down much of anything, especially if it's something i'm eating. i'll usually feed you and your sister dinner before i eat dinner {i eat at weird times this pregnancy}. without fail, you will climb on me and beg for whatever i'm eating like you're a starving child that hadn't eaten just 30 minutes before.

both of you girls are so much fun and are at such a fun {and sometimes challenging} age. i bought you guys shopping carts and you love to push and pull them around with your babies, toys, blankies and bottles in them. you like to play bumper cars with them and laugh and giggle to no end. you love ti give hugs and kisses and olivia, your wiggle kisses are the cutest. but so are your big pucker lips, stella! you two will have a new brother or sister in just 52 days! i wonder how we're going to juggle it and how on earth i'm going to keep you entertained when it's just us and the baby! let's just say i'm glad that disney is re-releasing cinderella in october, i have a feeling you're going to be watching some of that and of course, your favorite move of all time, tangled. are you ready for this adventure? because ready or not, here it comes!!!

i love you two to the moon and back!




  1. I loved reading about your girls. Sometimes I wonder if my girls have an unusual amount of energy, but after reading this I feel like they're pretty normal. :) I can definitely imagine Vi doing the same thing to the laundry room. Stella & Olivia are so adorable!!!

  2. fave post all yr!!! we love those girlies and miss you all so much!


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