Monday, August 20, 2012

chores and to-do lists

i have always hated lists.
more specifically: chore lists.
i shudder at the thought.

but pregnancy does weeeeiiirrrrdddd things to you.
one of them being "nesting."

all you want to do is scrub your house.
and organize.
and clean things and do things you've never even thought of before.
"i wonder if 409 or bleach or windex or soft scrub or vinegar would clean this/that/everything better??"

beastly, i tell you.

well, i started the above pictured list last week.
it seemed pretty ambitious....
but don't worry, i've added literally 20 more things to it.
one of them being new hangers...
{ok i lied, new hangers wasn't on the list, but organizing the closet was. new hangers just seemed like a good idea. so visually appealing, i tell ya....}

{with ice cream sandwiches and how to lose a guy in 10 days, duh.}

see how some of the white hangers look more cream than white?
they must be older.
it's kinda driving me nuts.
i kinda want to throw them away and get new ones.
{nesting, i tell ya....}

oh and i added more things to the list after that picture was taken , too.
i've crossed off over half of them.
i'm getting. it. done.

one of the things that doesn't have to be done is making a new quilt.
for me.
{sorry, baby.}
for our bed.

? ? ? ?

why not!

{don't worry, i know i'm a little batty right now...}

while the twinnies and i were at joann's fabrics getting some warm and white batting, they thought getting it cut was  a b s o l u t e l y  h i l a r i o u s.

they make my life so happy.
oh, don't get me wrong, there are moments where i'm absolutely convinced they're trying to kill me, but when they're fun and cute and silly and loving and NOT crying, sssiiiigggghhhhh.
they're the best.

i've heard mothers {that have only one child} say how they weren't sure how/if the could love another {second} child like they love their first child.
that they didn't know if that love could replicate and be equal for another little being.
that blows my mind.
perhaps it's because i had two to begin with, but i know i'll be able to love this new little one just as much as my other two.
there's no limit to a mother's love.

that said, here is a new little bump pic of our 30 weeks old little mystery gender baby.  

i still think it's a boy.
{sorry little babe, if you turn out to be a girl and i was wrong all along. don't judge my motherly instincts, please!}

what is slightly kind of amazing is that i showered, put on make-up, got dressed, and prepared a full-on dinner of enchiladas, beans and rice from scratch all in one day.
don't be all judgey, i feel quite accomplished.

whenever i get more done on "the list" and give myself some downtime, i'll post pics of our trip to bass lake and the zoo!

i think i'm gonna go make some brownies.
why not?!

{oh and i spiffed up the blog layout tonight. fun, huh? it's not on "the list", but i'm contemplating putting it on there just so i can cross it off. oh you know you do it too!}


  1. Oh my goodness, we're twins. I made huge lists that look absolutely the same as that one haha. Awesome!

    P.S. Instagram link-up up on my blog today, in case you have 20 seconds and want to join this link to the party!

  2. I found you on Brooke's blog hop. Now your newest follower! :) Wow, I make to do lists all the time too. And I can never finish them! Great to meet you!

  3. i love the new layout!
    and luuuurve that pic of the girls. so silly!!

  4. I already love making to do lists so I can't even imagine when I'm pregnant! It makes me feel so much more accomplished... I wonder if it's a girl thing? Just found your blog and have loved getting to know you better.

    New follower

  5. Hello, visiting from insta-life. I have 2 boys and a little girl on the way due 2 Nov. :) How far along are you? Your girls are just precious!


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