Wednesday, June 6, 2012

spaghetti, anyone?

i must have two of the messiest eaters of all time.
perhaps individually they aren't so messy, but when they're together...they're messy!
i have a lovelovelove/hate relationship with their highchairs.
they are perfect in every way except for the fact that if certain foods aren't cleaned up right away, they stain.
but that's really not that big of a deal.
{it just means i can't be lazy. rude.}

i think the like it?
they don't get it very often because i hate cleaning it up. 
mean mom.
next time it's warm and not windy {what's up june? you're unseasonably cool. but i like it.} they can eat it outside.
cause that's what good moms do, right?
let them eat spaghetti and popsicles outside and then just hose them off?


  1. Messy eaters are so cute! (until you have to clean them up all the time, I guess...)

  2. Awe, they are so adorable with messy mugs! xo.

  3. Cuties!! I love those highchairs!!

  4. Your girls are adorable!! I found your blog via Amanda at It's The Little Things. Spaghetti is a favourite meal for my son, as well. Too bad they didn't make it with white sauce... or something! For some reason messy foods always seem more popular:)

  5. What fun! So far my baby's only had apple and bananas as finger foods. I have mixed emotions about the day spaghetti enters the equation. Eek!

  6. ha Judah only gets spaghetti once a month because its so messy, but he loves it! Hey thats a good idea about hosing them off outside, Im pretty sure my mom did that with me ha ha


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