Friday, June 29, 2012

random friday: take forty three

happy friday!
i have been insanely busy with ruffle blanket orders, but i wanted to post these pictures.

i cut my hair.
like three...four weeks ago.

i'm donating it, but i haven't decided who it's going to yet.
i've already donated to locks and love and pantene great lengths, so i'm spreading the love.

the day my hair was cut.
sadly, it's never looked this good since.
i don't like all the weird layers in the back.
it flips out and drives me crazy.
but at least my hair grows quickly, so hopefully it will grow out soon.
plus this and last pregnancy has made my hair all wavy in the back.

yummmmmmmmmmmmu cupcakes.
the oreo was very disappointing.
the strawberry though...oh my goodness.
it's a good thing i'm too lazy busy to drive the 15 minutes to the bakery to buy a million of those to stuff into my fatty prego face.
cuz they're not cheap.
and they're right next door to a great mexican restaurant that makes the best chips and salsa.
just talking about it is making my stomach growl.
i want it!
i want it noooooooooow.
ok, moving on.

my cutie pies.

the girls had their first 'dip' experience at dog house grill.
they have the best seasoned fries.
olivia was a fan.

as was stella.

i mean, isn't it obvious?

they were the biggest sticky mess afterwards.
but they were hilarious.
and so happy.
i couldn't stop laughing when stella was doing that.
it was so incredibly funny.
they love fries + bbq sauce and ranch dressing.

my memorial day beauties.

olivia loves her little brother or sister already.

she says, "buh-bee. buh-bee."

kate quinn organics was having a huge sale, so here are some of the new threads the new babe scored.

ya think she slept a little hard?

i've been working on a book for the twins....a year of stella and olivia.

it's going to be amazing when it's done.
it's taking a loooooong time.
but it's on my "do before due date" list.
and that's a long list.


i was cleaning out the car, cleaning closets and washing clothes.

i put on sleeping beauty {my all-time fave} to help entertain the girls so i could get stuff done.

i wanted to see if their winter jackets would still fit them and olivia wouldn't let me take hers off. 

it was straight out of the dryer, 100*+ outside and she wouldn't let me take it off.
funny girl.

before duke and i went out of town for a couple of nights {sans babies}, olivia tried to convince us that she would be a good chauffeur.

we went to la, stayed at a fancy hotel on the beach in santa monica, drove up to malibu and santa barbara for another night.

this was fabric heaven.

and this is the restaurant duke and i ate at right after we got engaged.
 i could really go for that lobster ravioli i had that night {8.5 years ago!}

this pizza and pasta was amaaaaaaaazing.

dinner in santa barbara.

brunch before we left town.

the waiter hooked us up with salsa.

love my man.

new threads for the girlies.

cramming organizing....

a little nursery progress.

i'm going to paint the crib that we were given from my old bosses at the law firm.
i'm so excited! it's going to look amazing.

and totally unrelated, it may be my pinterest scouring, but if i see another chevron rug/wall/bedding it may be too soon.
i used to LOVE chevron, but now it's EVERYWHERE!
on plates.
on swimsuits.
on dishtowels.
it's killing me.
chevron overload.
don't cha think?


we went to in'n'out and got a chocolate shake and split it three ways.

they were so good leaving their straws in their cups and not spilling any anywhere.
i was so impressed.
i snapped this photo on our driveway.
then in .003459 seconds they got it EVERYWHERE.
needless to say their car seats were taken apart and their covers were washed.
and my cool mom points were a sticky mess.

 the crib fronts were put back on.

stella's only climbed out twice since they've been back.
i think she realized how not fun it really is.

and then poor olivia realized how not fun this is:

she pulled one of our metal barstools on top of her.
poor thing was pinned underneath.

one day i can cook from these.
a lot.

until then i'll settle for every once in a while.
and i'll make pioneer woman's cinnamon rolls and they will be boooooooomb!

speaking of bombs, one went off in my living room.

i guess those child safety locks are meant for 17 months and under.

i've been working on this quilt for a while.
well, i bought the fabric about 8 months ago and finally got the front all pieced together.

then i trimmed down the sides and made the back.

and i had a captive audience while i quilted it all together.

{notice their mirror image forehead bumps? my poor clumsy girls...}

and i added some fun binding, but haven't hand sewn it yet.
it's too hot to have that all over me!

happy belated father's day to the two most important men in my life!

while celebrating father's day with duke's family my little livie conked out in her stroller.

it's rare for the girls to be out during nap time because i'm usually pretty adamant that they sleep in their cribs.
{having two littles that don't sleep well anywhere else but their cribs makes for a mama that likes to keep the happy balance of "the schedule."}

i made duke's favorite filipino dish for daddy day.

and i decided to recover one of the car seats the girls used.

so i ripped it all apart.
and got a tad overwhelmed.

and i stayed up waaaaaaaaay too late for a few nights and finished it.

i've gotten away with avoiding making buttonholes for 16 years, but had to make NINE for this seat.
it was worth it though.

this little monkey loves to play in my closet.
she finds the most random stuff...

and i think one day last week i got dressed.
like with accessories and everything.
i had to document it.

i sold a ton of blankets on

and i'm currently working my fingers to the bone to get them ready to ship!

i had some major iphone home button issues and took a trip with the girlies to the apple store.
i had t e r r i b l e service, which was a first.
i was pissssssssssed.
and i told the stupid "genius" that.
he didn't care.
he just wanted me to get outta there and take my crazy toddlers with me.
so we left and the girls had fun playing in the fountain.
they sure do lift my spirits when things are low.

i ended up calling apple and pitching a fit and getting a new free phone.
take that, jerk "genius" man.

the strawberry fields nearby are coming to the end of their season so i knew that it was now or never to make some jam.

homemade jam is one of my favorite things.

and after trying to squeeze into all of my suits unsuccessfully, i found a great little swimsuit that will work for now and post baby.

$19 at old navy, yo!

my sewing counter now moved into the kitchen.

olivia loves that little elephant i made.
i want to make more, but a little bigger, so i just need to blow up the pattern.
{another thing on the "to do" list.


and my new robe.

not bad for $12 worth of jersey knit.
{i wish we had the selection here that they do in la! oh, the things i would make...}

the ruffle shipments have started.

they just keep coming.

and more is coming today.
so, i better go work.
cause i actually bring in a real income now.


  1. wow super mama! all that work with two littles and another one in the belly, plus the blankets you really are super mom

  2. Those bruises on their foreheads look horrible - your quilt is amazing, love the robe, but Erin . . . how on earth did you ever finish the carseat? So many pieces, love, love, love the canopy on it - clever piecing of the diff fabrics on it - looks amazing! Love all the pics - good job!!!

  3. you are awesome. as are your adorable babies and little bump! so so cute.


  4. dude- there was so many things going on- i kept having comments to say, then there kept being new events with new comments i could say and now i can't remember any of them. except that my girls will literally eat ANYTHING if i let them dip it in something. i just wish they knew how to do it cleanly! good work on all your projects. :)

  5. okay, all of these images are just way too cute to handle! your babies are precious. you are rockin' that short hair cut. and it looks like you've been up to a lot of exciting new things. yay!!!
    xo TJ

  6. that was a crazy long post but i enjoyed every second of it!! your girls are so adorable, and congrats on the new little one coming! the carseat is so awesome, i can't believe you did that it looks great! and i love the book idea for the girls, thats really cool i'd love to make one of those it's so cute! your blog is wonderful, i'm really enjoying it!! :)


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