Monday, June 4, 2012

kid plague-grounds know you're a mom and/or germaphobe when you see little kids playgrounds and automatically think, "OMG can you imagine all the germs and diseases on those things?!" before you think of anything else.
"oh look at that cute little girls pigtails that's playing on the giant dragonfly!"
"my kids would love to play on that giant fox/bear/log/whatever!"


so at 18 months the twins had their first experience with little kid plague-grounds.
{not to be confused with playgrounds, because that's a dream-like place where only kids without infectious diseases and/or viruses play AND it was all just thoroughly washed with bleach. these places don't exist. plague-grounds do, unfortunately.}

but the girls needed to burn off some energy and they ended up loving the place.
and you better believe that they were cleansed the  second we walked out of the plague-ground.
{having two babies get sick at the same time is highly discouraged in this house. especially when i'm pregnant and need to be lazy rest.}

{i keep taking pictures of olivia walking because i'm sooooo glad that she's finally walking!! she started walking at like 17 months, folks!}

there are only two pictures of sweet stella because that girl was running all over the place and pulling blankies and sippys out of other people's strollers.
no rest with that one.

they didn't catch the plague or any other diseases.
but i'm not sure i can say the same next time...


  1. I totally get this. I really want to go back to the gym but I go into convulsions thinking about letting K into their child center. :-/

  2. OH EM GEE! You dress your girls sooooooooo cute!!

  3. Yep almost every time I take Judah to the play ground (especially the indoor mall one) he gets sick, but I learned if I purell his hands afterwards he normally doesn't get sick :-)


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