Thursday, June 14, 2012

i feel like i'm initiated into a sorority that i didn't rush

i don't normally swear.
out loud, that is.
i'll admit it pops into my head when i get hit on the cheekbone with the princess belle figurine, but oh man, i don't think there's a better explanation for this week.

hell week.

i have been initiated and PINNED into the sorority of delta toddler bed kappa gamma crap.

it all started when stella climbed into her sister's crib tuesday morning and i found them like this.

not only did she break the no-no rule of escaping her cage crib, she also took her diaper off and left it in said crib.

talk about defiance.

so yesterday, i was cleaning their room and decided to pull out their cribs, vacuum, clean out the book or two that i saw back there and call it a job well done.


i found two princess figurines, 8 books, 1 bottle, 1 sippy cup, 3 socks, 1/2 of a clothespin {?}, 2 spoons, a push pin {my bad} and lots and lots of dust.

while i was cleaning this up, stella did a FULL PULL UP on the book ledge.

uh, what?

her feet were a full 1.5' off the ground.

she's gonna tear that thing off the wall.
i better switch her crib with olivia's. put stella's on the wall with the window and NOT the book ledges. she could scale that crap from her crib. great."

so i switched their cribs.
that's NOT easy in a 9'x10' room when there is only 3" of clearance on either side of the cribs. and there's a dresser in the way. and a trunk. and you're 20 weeks pregnant.

ok, so i did it.
then i was spent.
i turned off the light, turned up the fan and turned on the girls' music.

"sweeeeeeet. three hours of peace."

ummm, give it 5 minutes.

lots of crying.
a kind of crying that i KNEW i had to go in there.
so i open the door.
stella greets me.

so i took of the fronts of their crib.
falling 1.5' is better than falling 4', right?

olivia thought it was SO awesome that she could get in and out of her bed.
stella wasn't convinced.
and boooooooooy did she let me know for the next 45 minutes.
she was pissed.
crying, screaming, letting me know this was not cool.
not cool that she can't use her crib as a jungle gym anymore.
yeah, well i don't think it's cool either.
so they took their nap at 2:45 and the normally take it around 1, sometimes earlier.
oh and they woke up at like 4.
and went to sleep at 10:45!!!!!!!!!!
all those !!!!!!!!! means i screamed that.

and and and they were up this morning at 7.
i used to be able to roll out of bed at 9.
this ain't cool, yo.

so the bed rails are on order from amazon {i didn't like the ones at target or buy buy baby}.
and i hope it's easier with those?
oh, but don't worry, earl is going out of town next week.

see, it's hell week.

and to top it off i thought today was wednesday, but in fact, it's actually thursday.

see you in a week.
if i survive.


  1. Good luck and Godspeed Erin!

  2. Cannot take this. Cannot. Sooooooo sorry friend. Being a grownup is lame.

  3. Wishing you a week full of victorious survival! :)

  4. OH Erin, talk about
    D O U B L E
    T R O U B L E

  5. Your girls are adorbes!! Boy, you've got your hands full :) Love it!

    New followers -- we'd love more mommy followers!

    Kait and Michele

  6. Oh man! You had a TOUGH day!!!! I can't believe she crawls over to the other crib!!! You have a feisty girl!


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