Wednesday, May 9, 2012

we like to play in dirt

i've been a jerk.
{sorry amy!}
i've been neglecting the blog.
tisk, tisk.
naughty me!

but now that i'm actually rejoining the land of the living {thank you, second trimester!} i have energy and time to write and post again!

my shop hasn't been busy lately, so i've been able to rest and not stress.
it's been a blessing!
once i get a few things in order here at my little baby house, i plan on adding some fun, new headbands to the shop.

i've been super busy rearranging things in just about every room of this house, trying to simplify, organize and purge things we don't need or use.
it's exhausting!
for so long i've been barely treading water, now i'm {kinda} getting back to the hang of things.
my to-do list is a mile long, but my wonderful mother is back in town and able to watch the twinnies while i get stuff done!
{yesterday i ran ten errands. that's right, ten. it still took forever without the twins and made me useless the rest of the day, but i got stuff done! yay!}

ok, so blogs are mostly about fun pictures, right?
here's some of my eye candy, my little girlies who love to play in {and eat} dirt.
before it got warm, i put the girls in some play clothes that i wouldn't mind getting stained or ruined, and let them go dirt crazy in the backyard.

they absolutely loved it.

olivia puts on a serious face, but she's in heaven playing in dirt.
and call me crazy, but i hope that she always stays that way.


  1. yay!!!! sorry i stalk your blog makes my dad though!!!


i love candy, sewing and the power to delete :) have a great day!