Friday, May 18, 2012

random friday: take forty two

*an oldie, but goodie. olivia's first pigtails. i love that little hand under her chin.
*feeeeeeeeeeeeeeelt. pretty, pretty felt to hopefully make lots of pretty headbands.
*some custom orders i made a couple weeks ago for some other little twinnies! {& one more for mine!}
*all of the twinnies bows. kind of ridiculous, no? at least i made 95% of them. {like my justification?}
*the best pain au chocolate i've had since paris. go to trader joes and buy them. now.
*daddy dressed the twins, can't you tell? liverpool football club pride!
*one sunsuit down, three more to go! i just need to get my act together and finish them.
*ribbons and bows! if you want some blingy bows, i've got some done and ready to go!
*yummy, yummy macarons from my friend chef sarah. thanks sarah!!
*on friday i bought some olive garden salad dressing...
*...and on saturday i went there for lunch. good thing the hubs bought me some gift cards for the OG for mother's day.
*silly girls playing with the box of their water table.
*a 100+ year old buffet i fell in love with at an antique store.
*my first peony bloomed!
*the vintage buffet that i brought home :)
*my dear olivia laughing hysterically at mommy's quick and loud inhale.
*the twinnies playing in their room with their new dresser! {it used to be in the dining room where the buffet was, but they needed the storage!}
*thrifty's mint chip & chocolate malted crunch. heaven on a cone.
*date night grub at yard house
*pregnant lady target run.
*bananas waiting to be banana bread.
*crack in a jar. ah-mazing.
*my little mozart's in training.
*nutella banana pancakes. so, so, SO GOOD. 

all photographs taken with the instagram app. username: @kirbyness


while cleaning up my computer {i had 11,000+ pictures in my iphoto library, it was time for some cleaning!}, i found this old picture in my photobooth...

look at me!
i look so different.
i mean, i was younger, of course. my hair is cute, a little funky {for me} and blow dried.
that is an uncommon occurrence with my long belly-button-touching repunzel hair and two toddlers that scream and bang on my door the entire time i'm in my bedroom.
{our bedroom is usually a kid-free zone. there are way too many things in there that they get into!}
and olivia has started crying while laying right by the bottom crack of the door, to make sure i hear her.
and what's even more pathetically cute, she puts her little hand under the door so i can see her chubby little fingers on the bedroom carpet.

ok, so back to the old me.

i look happy and energized and excited to be in college again.
i was taking this picture on my newly bought macbook in the new library, the largest in the CSU system.
i was wearing my rosary beads that we got in vatican city.
how i got good grades while going to school full time AND working two jobs, i'll never know.
oh yeah, and i was probably pregnant with the twins, too.

i need to use more moisturizer.
and actually put on make-up.
and get my hair cut!

gosh, me 2 years ago, stop being such a BRAT!

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  1. You have SUCH a gorgeous family - and I love the blast to the past too :) And I love your blog!

  2. omg the sun-jumpers are to die for!!!! and loooove the new buffet!

  3. ha i love finding old pictures :) so funny! found you via the wiegands xo


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