Monday, May 21, 2012

the many faces of stella duke

the other morning the twins were helping themselves to yogurt and miss stella started being her goofy little self.
luckily my camera was in arms reach and i caught 
the many faces of stella duke.

this girl is too much.
she's so spunky.
she's a daredevil.
she's a tip-toe runner.
she has extendo arms that can reach anything.
she's silly.
she's funny.
she loves books.
she LOVES to tear apart her books.
she's insanely strong.
she's an inch taller than her twin.
she knows how to get down when hip hop comes on.
she doesn't like tart fruit.
she's very tender and loving towards her twinnie and animals.
she's obsessed with her aden + anais peacock blanket.
she always has to see what you're doing and wants to know how everything works.
she has a mean throw.
she's obsessed with spoons. and brooms.
she's the best. we love her so much.

{stay tuned for olivia's post!}


  1. LOL!!!!! omgosh! shes a chameleon! and i have to ask....when are you gonna give that girl a hair cut?? LOL

  2. She's so darling. Can't wait to have one of my own. Hope she's just as cute! :)


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