Tuesday, May 29, 2012

the many faces of olivia kirby

last week i did the twinnies 18 month photo shoot {pictures coming soon!} and these are some outtakes of miss olivia.

olivia is so silly.
she's a tad clumsy {like her mama}, but she's got a sassy little swagger.
she has the best "flirty eyes."
she is very smart and very stubborn. she will do everything in her own time.
she has the softest skin and the best chubby thighs.
she always says, "oh!" when she drops something. she usually says it about 3 times. i love it.
she would probably eat 8 times a day if i let her. that girl can put away fruit like no one i've ever seen.
she sucks her index and middle fingers. it's like she's signing "i love you" and i think it's the cutest thing ever.
she loves ti sing and dance to music. all the time.
she's such a special little girl, we're so lucky to have her.

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