Friday, March 9, 2012

random friday: take thirty nine

last week husband and i went to my favorite restaurant on date night...

let's just say they may not be my favorite restaurant anymore.
i'm not gonna hide my feelings...
i'm PISSED they discontinued my favorite dish, lemon pepper shrimp.
what's wrong with them??

i tried their new salt and pepper shrimp and it was nowhere near the fabulousness of the lemon pepper shrimp.
it was good for the first bite.
but after that all i tasted was bitter salt.
i've never sent a dish back, but i sent that one back.
too much salt.
imagine that, a dish called SALT and pepper shrimp being too salty.
my bad.
so i ordered their lettuce wraps instead and was happy.
but i'm still sad.


i took the girls to a soccer game...
they did SO well!
they don't like it when people yell, but they did ok this time.


look how cute this girl is!

i made that painting and liked it, but didn't love it.
janessa loooooooooooooooooooooved it.
so i made her take it home with her.
she liked it WAY more than i did!

so now my mantle is nakie.

i need to make another.


my olivia and i at church.
{i don't know why i look stoned. i wasn't. swear.}

miss stella and her papa.

{i know i'm bad for taking pictures during church. but i know these sweet moments happen all too rarely.}


puffed pancakes are our new favorite breakfast.


my friend jill and i swapped our creative goods and we got necklaces.

how fun will these be for the twinnies 2nd birthday?!


had you told me two years ago that it would be a saga trying to get your child to drink out of a sippy cup, i would've laughed in your face.
"just give the kid a sippy cup and be done with it!"
that's SO not the case.
after much trial and error, i have found four different cups that my twins will actually drink liquid from.
and they still don't even drink that much.
they still have bottles in the morning and evening, sometimes before nap time too.
{i had completely dropped the afternoon bottle, but poor olivia was having some major elimination after her surgery last month that it was necessary to bring it back. i know some people think it's a big deal to have toddlers drink out of bottles, but they only do it at home and i'm not even worried about it. these girls need fluids!}
so here is a collection of "acceptable" twinnie-tested sippies:


i made dinner two nights in a row last week.

hubby was so surprised, he asked me if i broke something.
wife fail!


my friend angie made this super cute lucky banner for me!
i adore it.
and of course, a new color combination for the omnipresent pom pom garland.


this little girl is growing up right before my eyes.

it makes me so excited and breaks my heart a little all at the same time.
i can't wait to hear her speak sentences.
and then in about 13 years i will wish she never learned how to speak sentences.


my auntie kay is the sweetest lady and gives us eggs almost every week.

aren't they beautiful??
she's spoiling us.
i'm always going to want fresh eggs now!
time to move and get some hens!


another date night to see a baseball game.
it was cold.
and kinda boring.
i was texting and instagraming most of the game.
our friend brad came with us so he kept earl company.
husband's company has seats and gifted us some tickets.
who can pass up free tickets?
not us.

afterward we went to chipotle for dinner and that was free too!
my sweetie pie high school friend erica just got back from living abroad for a few years and gave us some sweet meal vouchers.
her dad manages one of the chipotle's here in town.
{thanks rika, thanks bruce!}
my mom watched the girls.
{thanks mom!}
free again.
i bet we'll never have a truly free date night like that for a looooooooooong time.


so i've been reading this book...

and i really like it.
i got it a week ago and i'm almost done reading it.
that never happens.
it's no lie that i love almost all things french and this is no exception.
it's a parenting book, but written as a story, which makes it much more interesting.

it's all about communicating with your children, exposing them to large varieties of flavorful food at a young age so they don't become picky eaters, only having one snack a day so they're actually hungry and want to eat at mealtime, teaching babies to connect their sleep cycles so they sleep through the night before 4 months, treating children like human beings and not just "babies" or "kids", expecting them {and telling them} to control themselves and their actions at a very young age, not giving into tantrums, teaching your children how to wait, deal with frustration in a constructive way, and lots of other stuff.

when i first read some of the theories, i thought they were a little nutso.
but then i tried them.
and they worked.
like, the first time.
crazytown amazing.

i'm gonna bust out the highlighters and post-its on my second read.
you can get it here for $15 {hardcover}. 


i made this little dress for my friend cara's daughter's birthday.
i'm so sad this fabric is no longer available.


i finished the twinnies spring coats!


ABC flashcards with daddy!

and a little blanket for one of my fellow twinnie moms.

one of her friends is having her first girl and LOVES pink and red.
i think this new little girl is going to be set with this blanket, bib and two burp cloths!

i've been a sewing like crazy this week.
i made these little dresses for the girls to wear this summer:

and a little springtime tie for little men 12m-5T.

luckily my mom was able to come with us to costco this week and keep these little entertained:

and this little one LOVES to dance!

love that little baby booty.
she's hilarious.

happy weekend!


  1. i love how so many of the candid shots of the girlies have them looking so skeptical. CLASSIC.

  2. I Love this post - so many awesome pics - love the dresses too, they look so amazing!

  3. You are an AMAZING seamstres! Wow, such cute things for your girls. They are lucky.

    I love the little neck tie too. I've made a few bowties for my little guy, but haven't tried making a neck tie yet.

  4. I know this is an old post, just discovered your blog :)but could you please tell me what pattern you used for those adorable dresses??


i love candy, sewing and the power to delete :) have a great day!