Friday, March 16, 2012

random friday: i'm not in the mood

everyone tells you that being a parent is hard.
it IS hard.
and it's hard in a lot of different ways.
like when you try and try and try something and it just doesn't work.

example: little miss olivia still isn't walking.
at almost 16 months.

i know that every baby is different and they achieve their milestones at their own pace, but doesn't almost 16 months seem a little long??

she is the sweetest, most stubborn little girl.
she wouldn't self-feed herself {without hysterics and a gentle forceful hand helping her} until this photoshoot where she got to eat as much cake as she desired.

i don't hold her "too much."
this girl loved tummy time and crawling more than her sister.
she also won a gold medal in the jumperoo olympics.
i practice walking/standing with her everyday, multiple times a day.
she'll walk really well holding onto just one of my fingers.
she will stand for about three seconds on her own and clap the whole time.
{it really is the cutest thing ever, she gets SO proud of herself!}
she's progressing well, slowly, but surely.

at what point is it just her development timeline or time for concern?

please tell me your babies walked late and turned out totally fine.


  1. 18 months is the magic mark to ask the doctor. Until then everything is considered "normal". I know that it is frustrating, but a wise person once told me that she will walk her whole life, don't lose perspective.


  2. My niece didn't walk until she was 18 months old. And she turned out totally fine :)

  3. She will get there! It took Loc longer than Ollie to walk but when he did--he ran!

  4. Laurel Flake DoriusMarch 17, 2012 at 11:47 AM

    Carter & Parker are almost 14 months & are still showing no signs whatsoever of walking anytime soon. I really think they could if they wanted to; they just don't really have any interest in it yet. Their cousin (who was born 5 days AFTER them) has been walking since she was 10 months. Don't forget that (unfortunately & sometimes fortunately) twins often learn things a little bit slower than other kids. Baby Olivia will get it! :) Love your blog! :)

  5. A friend of mine- her little guy was closer to 17 months. She will get there. Dont be too hard on yourself momma!
    You are correct. It is dang hard at times.

  6. Hugs- You are doing a great job. My twins didn't even crawl until 10 months and are just about to turn one with no sign of walking. I also agree that twins may reach their milestones a little later than singletons.
    Give yourself a break :) I'm sure everything is fine.


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