Friday, February 10, 2012

random friday: take thirty six

while husband was away on a business trip these last couple weeks, he did some awesome babyGap bargain shopping for the twinnies...



miss stella is VERY insistent on moving around the dining room chairs.
and they're not easy to push around.
this kid is an ox.
but after she scratched the wall, i tried to convince her that moving her highchair would be more fun.

she bought into that idea for like 2 seconds.
then back to the dining room chairs!


the bedding i made for my old co-worker at the law office is DONE!

i was supposed to go over this weekend and take some pictures with my camera...but i have the flu.
i guess it will have to wait.


i have a thing for nutella, if you haven't noticed...


facetime is awesome.
husband was gone for two weeks and it took olivia an entire week to not cry when she saw her daddy on the screen.
stella was uninterested. she was probably off doing cartwheels or something.
that kid surprises me everyday with new stuff she can do.
she can reach the top of the island countertop now.
she's gumby.


a picture from olivia's surgery day.
"you're gonna let them do WHAT?!"


when husband came home we went out to lunch.
mmmmmm olive garden, i love you.

i ate three bowls of soup.
and salad.
and breadsticks.
and pasta.

is that alone obvious the girls weren't with us?!


super lame picture for a photo challenge i did last month.
this one was "hands."
i just really like my yellow jeans.
a lot.


baby laundry!


last monday while our house was being sprayed and baited for ants {ewww!} we went up to the snow.
i must say, that little stroller sleeping thing {"footmuff"} is one of the coolest baby products ever.
i had to fix stella's leopard blanket like 7 times!
i need another one! 


kitty cat feetsies!


biggest low of my week:

stupid porch light glass.
know where i can get another one?

and biggest high of my week:


awh, i LOVE THEM!


  1. oooooooohhhhh i love the pig tails!! are you feeling better??

  2. Your babies are too cute! The piggy tails are awesome. :)

  3. i love the pic of Livie on surgery day...."jigga say what?"

    and love the piggies! xo!


i love candy, sewing and the power to delete :) have a great day!