Thursday, February 16, 2012

random friday: take thirty seven

i don't know what's cuter than piggies, diapers only and leg warmers.
sooooooooooooooooo cute.

apparently the twins' colors for summer this year are navy and white.

last year i bought them some navy blue with white polka dots ruffly swim suits and got them the above this year.
they were $10, how could i not?

one day i will make myself a dream blanket {ruffles on one side, minky on the other} and THAT GIANT WHITE RIC RACK along the edges.
one day.


one of my favorite movies made it's way to our house...

the girls love it too.


last friday i got food poisoning/24 hour flu.
it's no joke.
it was NOT fun at all.
these poor girls ate goldfish, freeze dried yogurt and cheerios until my mother could come rescue me.

i spent the rest of the day and most of saturday in bed.
wasting away.
setting up the new website.
watching netflix like it was going out of style.

we needed food because husband was leaving sunday morning for michigan and i braved the saturday crowds at costco.
like a crazy person.
as soon as i got home and the groceries were in the fridge, i went back to bed for 4 more hours.
i'm so glad that's over!


the twins have discovered that they're half filipino.
they found the giant bag of rice i hide behind the curtains.
{our next house WILL have a pantry!}


valentine's day by yourself isn't fun.
but making yourself treats is...

and the girls and i had a yummy breakfast...


since i'm never 100% complete with any room, i feel like the newly repainted powder room is probably the most complete it will be for a little while.

what can i say, i love stripes!


on one of my alexanderandtheterriblehorriblenogoodverybadday days, i broke the porch light.
then i bought a new one and put it up myself.


i made some new bracelets for the girls.
they are WAY cuter in person.

it's kind of addicting, i want to make more!
they're so fast and easy to make.


i told olivia that it was time to leave the park.

she obviously wanted to stay.
she looooooooooooooves the swing.
{and doesn't she look so big here?!}


tippy toes!

tonight before i put the twins to bed, we were playing downstairs.
i put both of the girls in an empty diaper box and dragged them all over the tile.
forwards, backwards, spun in circles...they had SO much fun.
both girls were rolling with laughter in big belly laughs.
it was a moment that i truly wish i could've stopped time.
i hope i keep that memory with me forever.
i almost missed it, too.
i was thinking about all of the things i had to do {pick up the toys, take out the trash, clean the high chairs, put away the laundry, wash the dirty clothes, feed the dog....} and almost didn't put them in that silly box.
that would have been a tragedy.
i'm going to try and turn my brain off more, at least my mental checklist of tasks, and enjoy these little girls.
babies don't keep!!


in other news, i am seriously considering buying the girls some cloth diapers.
as if i'm not crazy enough.
i've crunched the numbers on my newly price raised pampers swaddlers {screw you, amazon} and am thinking cloth could be an answer.
{we've tried almost ever disposible diaper brand and they don't work for us. between leaking and rashes, i'm over experimenting with those!}
i'd keep them in their pampers overnight and on trips....
i dunno, it's just a thought.
has anyone done the same thing?

happy friday!


  1. Girl. I want to rescue you on your long single mom days. Seriously about the food poisoning. The grim reaper himself was lurking over me as I lay crying on the bathroom floor! I got my entire day in bed, just not the way I hoped. I did cloth diapers with one of my girls. She was allergic to every disposable. They aren't as bad as you think. Seriously. You do save lots of money... for like three extra loads of laundry a week. We should chat. And be neighbors.

  2. Can you please transport yourself to NC and design my curtains and other household fabrics? I wish you could refurnish all of my furniture. Love your website.

  3. I cloth diaper! It's awesome, and I feel like I've already saved SO much money! Email me if you want more info...I've dont tons of research, so I can at least share what I've learned in terms of how to get the biggest bang for your buck with the initial investment!


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