Friday, February 24, 2012

random friday: take thirty eight!

my girls are growing up.
i sold their changing table.


i made a painting for the bathroom.

the stuff in the frame are three different kinds of anthropologie wallpaper samples.
love them.


this was my lunch the other day.
chocolate covered strawberries. cpk bbq chicken pizza. root beer.

but then i also got these treats...


when it gets hot, i'm cutting my hair.
the top picture, i think...


ritz crackers make the biggest mess ever!!


some jerk mom with one kid took the twin cart at target the other day.
so we rolled like this.

i was a nervous wreck, but olivia loved it.


i made more baby bracelets for the girls.
shocking, right?


i went to a baby shower and made a diaper cupcake.

and then i dominated the games....

and then i found the most perfect place for that frame...


brunching buddies!

my brunching buddy.
nevermind her dress.


i swear i've been to joanns three times in seven days.
WAY too much.


in other news, this week i found some cute $20 used toms for the twins...

worked on and sold some bows...

let the littles watch tangled...

organized their clothes...

went shopping with grammy and got sparkly toms!

had a mid-week date and went to play tennis...

started to make my own diaper...
{SO much work!}

hung out and took turns sipping out of mr. easter bunny...

and started gathering supplies for the twinnies 15 months photoshoot!

more pom poms are to be made.
tutorial coming soon!

happy weekend!


  1. so. i mean this with love... i hate you. hahaha such darling stuff you're up to! i dont know how you do it all, but it inspires me. your girlies are so beautiful! so happy life is fab for you!!! xox

  2. one of your greatest bloggies!!! i love where you put the frame! the babies are so adorbs and growing so fast! and i loooooove the Toms.


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